A ‘90s rock band picked one nasty fight with Taylor Swift that no one saw coming

Jun 27, 2024

Pop megastar Taylor Swift has become the biggest musician in the world.

But not everyone is thrilled about her rise to the top.

And a ‘90s rock band picked one nasty fight with Taylor Swift that no one saw coming.

Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters takes a swing at Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift has moved from being the biggest act in music to becoming one of the world’s biggest celebrities.

Now she’s on the European leg of her record-breaking Eras Tour that saw her stop for eight sold-out shows at London’s famed Wembley Stadium.

The alternative rock band, The Foo Fighters, had a tour date in London that coincided with Swifts’ tour dates in the city. 

That’s when Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl took a shot at her on stage at their show at London Stadium during a break between songs.

“I know that she’s on her Eras Tour,” Grohl said. “I’m telling you, man, you don’t want to suffer the wrath of Taylor Swift.”

That prompted boos from the audience.

“Listen – tonight, this is my Eras Tour, okay?” Grohl continued. I’ve got a lot of eras. Spelled e-r-r-o-r-s. This is my Errors Tour, how about that? . . . That’s what we should’ve called this f***ing tour: The Errors Tour.”

Then Grohl dropped a bombshell by suggesting that Swift doesn’t play music during her concerts.

“That’s because we actually play live. What? Just saying,” Grohl said mischievously. “You guys like raw, live rock ‘n’ roll music, right? You came to the right f***ing place.”

Grohl went absolutely nuclear on Swift by accusing her of faking her live performances while touring in the same city.

That jab at Swift seemingly came out of nowhere.

Grohl praised her when they performed at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend festival in 2015.

“Taylor Swift’s hometown, anybody?” Grohl said. “I’m officially obsessed, she might want to get a restraining order, ‘cause I’m all about T. Swift.”

Taylor Swift responds to Dave Grohl at her London show 

Swift is known for getting involved in celebrity feuds, but she subtly responded to his attack before her London show the next night after Grohl went off.

“Every one of my band members, every single one of our crew, my band, who’s gonna be playing live for you for 3.5 hours tonight, they deserve this so much,” Swift said. “And so does every one of my fellow performers.”

In an interesting twist of fate, The Foo Fighters guitarist, Pat Smear, was pictured with actress Salma Hayek and Stella McCartney – the daughter of Beatles great Paul McCartney – at one of Swift’s London shows before Grohl went off.

Smear was in the VIP area for the show with Swift’s boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce. 

No one was sure what prompted Grohl to go off, but a theory developed on social media.

Grohl’s 17-year-old daughter attacked Swift earlier this year for her frequent use of a private jet as bad for the environment.

That prompted a swift assault from a mob of angry Swifties on the minor, so it’s possible Grohl has some hard feelings about Swift’s fans and decided to take it out on the famous celeb.

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