A leading Republican dropped this scary fact about the government’s knowledge of UFOs

May 24, 2024

The federal government has begun to release some of its information about UFOs.  

But critics allege there’s more they’re not disclosing about their existence.

And a leading Republican dropped this scary fact about the government’s knowledge of UFOs.

Republican lawmaker calls on government to release information on the existence of UFOs

Interest in the existence of UFOs, or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), has grown in recent years with the federal government disclosing some of its information on this unexplained phenomenon.

Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN) is leading the charge for the government to make all of its knowledge about UAPs public.

He wants the public to have the evidence about them and make their own conclusion.

That’s why he introduced the UAP Transparency Act to bring transparency to the issue.

The bill would give every federal agency and department 270 days to release all of their information on UAPs to the public.

Congress would be briefed by the President every quarter on the status of the release of this information.

Burchett told The Hill on NewsNation that the bill isn’t about “little green men” but accountability for the federal government’s spending.

“Our federal government’s many departments tell us they [UAPs] don’t exist, yet they’re still being funding tens of millions of dollars,” Burchett said. “And our own Pentagon, who has not passed an audit in the history of audits literally, cannot account for over a half a trillion dollars.”

The Pentagon failed its sixth audit in a row after the department couldn’t account for more than $500 billion.

“Now, we’re spending this money on something, we’re $35 trillion in debt. […] Every hundred days, we add another trillion dollars to our deficit,” Burchett added. “Look, it’s not about little green men or flying saucers, it’s what are we spending this damn money on? It’s ridiculous.”

The federal government has become so bloated and big that it often has no idea what money is being spent on.

The Government Accountability Office – the government’s federal spending watchdog – found that the federal government wastes nearly $100 billion on overlapping and duplicate programs.

The public should see the information on UFOs and decide for themselves

Burchett said the public should see the information on UAPs and make up their own mind on what it all means.

“Just tell us what it is. We don’t care,” Burchett said. “All it’s going to say is this universe is a lot bigger than we give it credit for. We’re one grain of sand on a million beaches. Give us the information. Let us decide.”

The Tennessee lawmaker has hammered the federal government for claiming that UAPs don’t exist while releasing some information about them.

Last July, the House held a hearing on UAPs where three former Defense Department officials warned they could pose a national security risk.

Burchett claims it’s odd that the federal government claims that they don’t exist while spending money investigating the phenomenon.

The only way to definitively get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding UFOs is for the government to come clean with the public.

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