A major GOP women’s group just knelt down to the radical transgender mob with one shocking action

Sep 13, 2023

The Republican Party has long been known as “the Stupid Party.”

They work tirelessly to offend and alienate their own base in order to appease the radical Left.

And now this major GOP women’s group just knelt down to the radical transgender mob with one shocking action.

Just how far some elements of the Republican establishment will go to try and appease their very enemies is becoming a sick joke.

The National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) faces a major backlash from its members, mainly in Red states, for stonewalling a grassroots effort to put the organization on record as limiting its voting membership to biological females.

Stonewalling a common-sense proposal

The GOP organization’s national leadership has rejected a proposed amendment to the bylaws for consideration at their upcoming biennial conference in Oklahoma City.

The bylaws proposal would effectively bar gender-confused men living as “trans women” from joining the NFRW as voting members and leaders.

While the national NFRW leadership may be balking at protecting women, at least one NFRW state branch has already moved to protect its organization space for authentic women.

The Arkansas NFRW affiliate recently explicitly defined a woman in its bylaws by writing that “a woman is defined as being born a DNA biological female at birth.”

But NFRW’s national President, Eileen Sobjack, is operating out of fear of a costly lawsuit.

She recently told state leaders pushing the proposal that “addressing this issue would end us, and I will not let this issue be our demise.”

But Laura Carlson, the Iowa NFRW member who is leading the effort to get the organization to stand up for real women, said she and her allies will raise the money needed to pay for any legal challenges that arise.

Pressing forward

Carlson, who serves as the 2nd vice-president for the Iowa Federation of Republican Women, wrote in a letter to “Republican Women Friends” throughout the organization that the problem of men at NFRW began at least as far back in 2021.

“When a trans woman attended the Orlando convention as a full voting delegate, an emergency meeting was held by the NFRW executive board following dozens of complaints,” she wrote.

“Nothing was done to address the issue at that time. This has now grown to a larger issue, a problem for a majority of members.”

She said her protest letters to the organization have been largely ignored.

Meanwhile, the New Jersey NFRW has gone even further down the gender-bending path.

In 2019, the New Jersey Federation of Republican Women (NJFRW) nominated a male-to-female transgender activist named Pam Daniels for “Woman of the Year.”

In 2022, the pro-abortion Daniels ran for Congress against pro-life Republican Congressman Chris Smith.

And today, according to his LinkedIn profile, Daniels still sits on the board at the NJFRW.

But National Federation of Republican Women members in some key states are calling out the organization’s prominent leaders for promoting “transgender propaganda.”

“NFRW holds a prestigious, time-honored tradition of leading, supporting, and honoring women in the promotion of shared Republican values. My concern is the promotion of transgender propaganda in our clubs,” Carlson wrote in a June letter to the NFRW’s nomination board.

“I am not discussing lesbian issues; this is a transgender issue. I live in a college area. Liberals infiltrate groups often here,” Carlson wrote in her letter.

“They are now declaring themselves women to make a change in the GOP. They are not conservatives. They did not vote Republican in any election.”

“The goal is to force the Republicans to bend to the transgender agenda, which puts liberal men in our clubs,” Carlson added.

The NFRW leadership is dangerously close to destroying the organization by ruining its brand at the altar of the radical transgender agenda.

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