A McDonald’s executive confirmed this awful reality about life under Joe Biden

Jun 4, 2024

Joe Biden has taken a wrecking ball to the economy.

He’s left many Americans in dire straits after the cost of living went through the roof. 

And a McDonald’s executive confirmed this awful reality about life under Joe Biden.

McDonald’s under fire for price increases during Biden Presidency

Fast food has gone from being a quick and inexpensive way to grab a bite to eat to a luxury for many Americans under President Joe Biden.

The price of fast food has surged after Biden created the worst inflation in four decades with his socialist spending spree.

Restaurants have seen the price of food, energy, and labor soar, which is passed on to customers in the form of higher prices.

McDonald’s has come under fire for its prices on social media.

Now an executive with the fast food giant is pushing back critics of the chain’s prices.

A study from FinanceBuzz went viral on social media that claimed that McDonald’s prices increased by over 100% since 2014.

McDonald’s USA president Joe Erlinger said that social media users are getting hung up on extreme examples of the chain’s prices.

“Recently, we have seen viral social posts and poorly sourced reports that McDonald’s has raised prices significantly beyond inflationary rates,” Erlinger wrote. “This is inaccurate.”

A post went viral on social media that showed an $18 Big Mac combo meal at a rest area in Connecticut.

“I can tell you that it frustrates and worries me, and many of our franchisees, when I hear about an $18 Big Mac meal being sold – even if it was at one location in the U.S. out of more than 13,700,” Erlinger explained.

After California hiked the minimum wage for fast food workers to $20 an hour, similar prices for a Big Mac meal were shown on social media from McDonald’s in the state.

Erlinger said he’s worried “when people believe that this is the rule and not the exception, or when folks start to suggest that the prices of a Big Mac have risen 100% since 2019.”

He claimed that the average price of a Big Mac in 2019 was $4.39 compared to $5.29 today, an increase of 21%.

The McDonald’s President said that rising costs of operating a location have resulted in price increases.

McDonald’s looking to lure customers back in with value

The sad reality of life under Joe Biden is that Americans have to debate whether or not McDonald’s has gotten too expensive.

Fast food is representative of the cost of living crisis that has plagued the country during his Presidency.

Consumers are watching the rate of inflation outstrip the average pay increase for most workers.

That’s why McDonald’s is trying to lean into value to get customers back in the door who’ve turned to cooking at home to cut costs.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski admitted that inflation was taking its toll on customers and that the chain needed to do a better job offering value.

The fast-food giant is offering a limited-time value meal at the end of June that offers customers a McDouble or McChicken, fries, McNuggets, and a drink for $5.

Of course, consumers may recall those items all used to be on the dollar menu, so even that “deal” represents an increase from the $3 it used to be.

The bottom line is, Americans are having to stretch their dollars to make ends meet in Joe Biden’s dismal economy.

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