A rental car company is in hot water for this insane policy for electric vehicles

May 22, 2024

Rental car companies are the latest industry to hop on board with the electric vehicle agenda.

But customers who rent with them are getting a nasty surprise. 

And a rental car company is in hot water for this insane policy for electric vehicles. 

Hertz charges people who rent electric vehicles a fee for not refilling the gas

Rental car company Hertz made a big bet on electric vehicles.

They added 50,000 electric vehicles to their fleet with plans to add 50,000 more.

Customers at Hertz have been hit with a fee for not returning a Tesla with a full tank of gas.

Of course, this is impossible because a Tesla doesn’t have a gas tank.

Hertz customer Joshua Lee told The Drive that he rented a Tesla Model 3 for a weekend trip to Los Angeles.

He paid for the company’s “Skip the Pump and Save Time” fee, which allows customers to return a vehicle without refilling it for a fee.

After Lee returned the Tesla to Hertz, he noticed a strange charge of $277.39 on top of his rental cost.

The company told him this was the cost to refuel the Tesla.

Lee protested the charge but Hertz wouldn’t budge.

This charge didn’t make sense on multiple different levels.

He paid for the “Skip the Pump” fee to avoid being charged after the fact and most importantly a Tesla doesn’t need gas.

Lee returned the Tesla at 96% charge, which was the same level that he received the vehicle at according to his rental receipt.

Per Hertz’s policy for recharging electric vehicles, the fee to recharge the Tesla should have been a maximum of $35.

“You can return your EV at any charge level and we’ll recharge it for $35—or just $25 for Gold Plus Rewards Members. Or, return it at the same level as pick-up and pay $0,” Hertz’s website states.

Hertz refuses to budge after it charges a customer to refuel an electric vehicle with gas

Lee tried to plead his case with Hertz’s customer service to no avail.

The company sent him an email stating that the refueling fee was part of the rental contract.

“I am unable to provide an adjustment or refund since the service was provided and contract is closed. Your signed rental agreement will also be our basis that you are fully aware of the fuel option that was added on the contract. I hope I was able to clarify this with you,” an email from Hertz stated.

$277 would be roughly 45 gallons of gas based on current Los Angeles prices.

Hertz was trying to take him to the cleaners over a nonsensical fee.

The company eventually relented after the outrageous fee went viral on social media and generated bad headlines in the media.

But Lee’s experience wasn’t an isolated incident for renters who got an electric vehicle with Hertz.

Other renters reported getting hit with a refueling recharge fee from the company.

Hertz acknowledged the problem and blamed it on a computer error.

“Some customers who rented EVs from us were inaccurately billed a refueling fee, due to a systems error,” Hertz said in an email.

The company offered to refund customers the fee toward their next electric vehicle rental.

But the bottom line is electric vehicles are another headache that travelers have to try and avoid.

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