A top ESPN star melted down over this law to stop the border crisis

Dec 26, 2023

Most Americans are sickened over the images they see coming out of the southern border.

Videos show thousands of illegal aliens – many of them military-age men – overrunning the border.

And now a top ESPN star melted down over this law to stop the border crisis.

There is a reason fans constantly tell sports media personalities to “stick to sports.”

No one tunes in to hear their uninformed, leftwing political opinions.

That’s especially true at ESPN.

There may be no bigger name in sports media than Stephen A. Smith.

Smith is the centerpiece of ESPN’s programming through his co-hosting the popular “First Take” program, his presence on the network’s NBA coverage, and his podcast.
On a recent episode of his podcast, Stephen A. Smith slammed a law signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbot as “racist” because it made it a crime to enter Texas illegally and allowed the state to deport illegal aliens.

Most of the criticism of Abbot focused on why he waited so long to take such decisive action to combat Joe Biden’s border crisis.

But not Smith.

Smith called it “inhumane” and a “disgrace” for the state of Texas to defend its sovereignty and enforce immigration law if the federal government was going to look the other way.

“This bad, ladies and gentlemen,” Smith ranted. “This is a disgrace. It’s inhumane, and it opens the floodgate to further divide our nation because when you have law enforcement that literally can arrest people over a ‘suspicion,’ think about that for a second. People can be arrested who are suspected of entering the country illegally.”

Smith played the race card in attacking the law.

“Do you realize that means a law enforcement official can walk up to somebody (and say), ‘Alright, they look Hispanic. OK, their English is broken. They don’t speak fluent English. So that can be a cause for me to arrest them,'” Smith added.

“It’s racist!” Smith added. “Somebody needs to say it, so I’m gonna say it! It’s a racist-ass thing to do! Suspicion? Suspected of entering the country illegally? How can you be suspected of entering the country illegally?”

Smith complained about the costs of being arrested in terms of attorneys’ fees and bail that illegal aliens incur if they get arrested under this law.

That’s exactly the point.

There needs to be deterrents in place to signal to illegal aliens that the cost of entering the state of Texas illegally is prohibitive, so don’t even try it.

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