A Wheel of Fortune contestant was sick after this awful guess

Jul 9, 2024

Wheel of Fortune has become a lasting hit because fans can play along at home.

But sometimes the contestants crack under the pressure of the bright lights of TV. 

And a Wheel of Fortune contestant was sick after this awful guess. 

Wheel of Fortune contestant talks about giving an embarrassing answer 

Competing on the big stage of a game show is a lot harder than playing at home as one Wheel of Fortune contestant found out.

Contestant Tavaris Williams went viral on social media in May for his shocking answer to a question on the long-running game show.

The letters for the phrase “____ I_ T_E B__T!” were revealed by letter-turner Vanna White on the big board.

“I tried to just beat my contestants by buzzing in first and letting my brain catch up,” Williams told Fox News Digital.

He blurted out “Right in the butt.”

Everyone looked on in silence before the audience began to burst out into laughter.

“No,” a curt host Pat Sajak replied.

The correct answer for the phrase was, “THIS IS THE BEST!”

“None of those commonsense [thoughts like], ‘Well, there wasn’t enough letters for the word “right”’ [or] ‘This is a family show.’ None of that is going through your head when you have 50 monitors above you, the lights are extra bright, there are 100 stagehands, there’s producers, there’s sound guys,” Williams recalled.

Williams said he felt like he had to guess something because he was standing right next to Sajak.

He added that Sajak was “spectacular” and consoled him after his embarrassing blunder.

“So, right then and there he tried to make me feel better and move on, but they immediately cut to break,” Williams said. “And in the break, Pat was very gracious, and he was very supportive and said, ‘Oh, you made a name for yourself. We’re going to see how we can edit that tastefully. I don’t know how, but we’ll figure it out.’ He was very accommodating, and he made me feel great throughout the process after that. He’s truly amazing.”

Jeopardy! contestant suffers second worst performance in the game show’s history 

San Pedro, California homemaker Erin Buker turned in the second worst performance in the history of Jeopardy! with a final score of -$7,200.

She described her time on the game show as an “out-of-body experience.”

“You’re looking, you see the clues, but you don’t remember what category it is,” Buker explained. “You’re reminding yourself to not, you know, make weird faces because you’re on live television. […] The way they tape it is like it’s the live show. They really try to keep it really tight.”

The pressure of competing on the show got to her.

“So you just, like, don’t make weird faces, don’t … do anything odd, which is always kind of just running through your head,” Buker recalled. “And then, so you’ll see the answer in front of you … it’s all very blurry, I can’t explain it.”

Buker said that playing along at home and competing in the real thing were two incredibly different experiences.

She explained that the show’s buzzer system tripped her up.

“There [were] all these opportunities where you think, ‘OK, I got this,’ but it’s like, you don’t got this because someone else buzzes in first,” Buker said. “And I wasn’t anticipating how kind of excruciating that part would be because it’s like, ‘No, no, but I know this one.’ But this other person gets to get the points for it in the score and, you know, the score gets higher.”

Competing on a game show comes with a whole new set of challenges for contestants to navigate. 

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