Aaron Rodgers made an incredible charge against Jimmy Kimmel. But you will be shocked who just jumped to Rodgers’ defense

Jan 16, 2024

Aaron Rodgers had a rough 2023 season, getting injured in his fourth play of the season.

But recently, he made some dark insinuations about Jimmy Kimmel being pals with pedophile Jeffery Epstein and visiting his private island, which landed Rogers in more hot water.

And what is more surprising than Rodgers’ claim is who just stepped up to defend him.

Aaron Rodgers is no stranger to controversy, but his latest squabble may be the most vicious yet

Although New York Jets Quarterback Aaron Rodgers spent nearly the entire season on the sidelines with a bad ankle injury, most experts agree that he is one of the best Quarterback in the league.

Aaron Rodgers thrives in the spotlight, and in recent years, he has made headlines for much more than his brilliant quarterback play.

Most recently, Aaron Rodgers made headlines after accusing late-night host Jimmy Kimmel of having ties with Jeffrey Epstein, after claiming he may be on the recently released list of names of people with alleged ties to him.

Rodgers made this claim on the widely watched Pat MacAfee show on ESPN, and almost immediately after making these remarks, Jimmy Kimmel threatened lawsuits, and Rodgers was banned from appearing on the program for the rest of the NFL season.

Rushing to Rodger’s defense is none other than Michelle Tafoya, who worked as a sideline reporter for NBC’s Sunday Night Football from 2011 to 2022.

On her podcast “Don’t @ Me” on OutKick last Tuesday, Tafoya sounded off on Jimmy Kimmel, saying, “This is the culture issue at its core. Jimmy Kimmel thinks he’s smarter than you and everyone else, including Aaron Rodgers. Jimmy Kimmel thinks that because he and Aaron Rodgers disagree about stuff, that he is smarter than Aaron Rodgers, and Aaron Rodgers is somehow dumb, because Aaron Rodgers went to community college for two years…”

She added, “So to make that connection is so snobbish. To suggest that Aaron is stupid because he didn’t graduate Cal, it’s just this elitism. It’s the ‘I’m smart because I’m a liberal, and you’re dumb… But that is the disconnect in America right now in a nutshell. ‘I believe one way, you believe in another way, and therefore, I’m smarter than you, and you’re stupid.”

Michelle Tafoya’s claims resonate with the majority of Americans who are fed up with Jimmy Kimmel

As Michelle Tafoya pointed out on her podcast, Jimmy Kimmel has a reputation for his smug attitude, always demeaning people he deems as less intelligent than him.

More specifically, Jimmy Kimmel has repeatedly voiced his hatred for former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

However, these cheap shots at Donald Trump are not working, as Kimmel’s ratings have plummeted in recent years.

Jimmy Kimmel has become so unpopular that he was stripped of the naming rights for the annual LA Bowl, with the NCAA giving the naming rights to former Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowksi instead.

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