Activist says that there’s only one logical move to shut down sex trafficking in America

Mar 11, 2024

Thanks to the movie Sound of Freedom, more Americans than ever are aware of the horrors of sex trafficking.

People want to see the end of this disgusting practice that targets the most vulnerable – our children.

Now, this activist says that there’s only one logical move that could shut down sex trafficking in America.

Over 27 million people worldwide were victims of human trafficking in 2021

Earlier this year, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a report called “A Public Approach to Preventing Human Trafficking.”

In the 87-page report, the HHS details the impacts of the international sex trafficking industry and how they believe it should be solved.

According to the HHS, over 27 million people experienced “forced labor and/or commercial sexual exploitation” around the world in 2021.

The report found that the rate of human trafficking “increased from 3.4 to 3.5 per 1,000 people between 2016 and 2021, driven entirely by the private economy.”

Despite recognizing the impact of the “private economy,” the strategies and approaches section of the report completely ignored institutional answers to the problem.

Instead, HHS focused on preventing this horrific practice on an individual and familial level.

The CEO of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) wasn’t pleased with the suggestions.

Activists need to stop attempting to put “Band-Aids on a gaping wound”

Dawn Hawkins, the CEO of NCOSE, called the HHS’s plan to end human exploitation “disappointing.”

“The global reality is that prevention efforts that center around raising awareness on how to identify, report, or prevent victimization are having little impact in the grand scheme of things,” she said.

Hawkins likened the current suggested strategies to “putting Band-Aids on a gaping wound.”

“We must take an approach that is radically different…we have to challenge the institutional and corporate interests that facilitate and profit from this abuse,” she urged.

The advocate moved on to list several industries, including social media, pornography, and even hotel chains, as those who are profiting from this enterprise.

“I would say right now we’ve got X, we’ve got Reddit, we’ve got Meta, we’ve got Visa, we’ve got hotel chains,” Hawkins said.

Then, the conversation took a shift towards a specific state government.

Lawsuit seeks to abolish prostitution under constitutional protections

Hawkins says that the legalization of prostitution in various places around the world is a major problem.

NCOSE has distributed handouts to activists and lawmakers that cites a 2013 study that found that the legalization of prostitution has led to an increase in human trafficking globally.

The United States has one state-level government that has taken that approach—Nevada.

According to a study by The Human Trafficking Initiative in 2018, Nevada had 63 percent more sex workers per capita than New York and nearly 100 percent more than Florida.

NCOSE is currently in the process of opening a lawsuit on behalf of a victim against the state of Nevada and its brothel owners for fostering an environment where human trafficking can flourish.

The suit seeks to abolish the trade on constitutional grounds, arguing that it violates the 13th Amendment.

Hawkins says that if lawmakers are serious about abolishing human trafficking, then “we can’t just seek to alleviate the pain of the exploited . . . we have to prevent that pain from occurring in the first place.”

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