Americans just found their next big country star with his new song that has Washington, D.C., fuming

Aug 11, 2023

Middle America is missing people like Hank Williams to give them a voice.

Now one backwoods singer came out of nowhere who would make Hank Williams and Johnny Cash proud.

And Americans just found their next big country star with his new song that has Washington, D.C. fuming.

Where have the rebels gone?

There are a lot of people in our nation that are actively trying to silence you.

Because they know that if you don’t have a voice, you don’t have a real chance at changing anything.

Just look at what the Washington, D.C. swamp is doing to President Trump.

Trump is fighting for his life because he stood up against the Washington, D.C., establishment for you.

Doing so made the people with power on both sides of the aisle livid.

And now he is very likely to be behind a prison cell before November 2024 just because he stood up for the little guy.

The truth is the establishment is trying to throw Trump in a jail cell because they want to silence him so they can silence you.

And industries like country music used to be an outlet for the average American to hear their viewpoints and express their feelings.

But switch on your local country music station these days, and there is nothing on there that resembles anything of what country music used to be.

These days there isn’t another rebel like Johnny Cash or Hank Williams out there saying to the press exactly what you are thinking.

Instead, you got a bunch of pretty boys singing pop songs in tight jeans and cowboy boots, just trying to make a buck while pacifying the woke mob.

But it looks like America may have gained another voice and a new country music icon.

And this country soul would make Hank Williams proud.

The Melody of Middle America

Late last week, Oliver Anthony came out of nowhere with his new hit song Rich Men North of Richmond.

Earlier last week, he was just trying to make bills meet and wondering where he could play his beat-up guitar so he could upload a new cell phone recorded video of his songs.

He had no idea his new song would become an American classic.

Now Oliver Anthony is becoming a country music icon and the voice of middle America as his song has millions of views on Youtube along with being the top song on Itunes.

Just listen to the melody of Middle America.

But his story is just as powerful as his song.

He grew up in the country right outside of the little Virginia town of Farmville.

And Oliver has been struggling with addiction and recently gave himself to the Lord to help put him on the right track.

So he wrote this song along his road to recovery, hoping just to provide hope for others.

And now he is on the fast track to country stardom.

And when it comes down to it, America needs more Oliver Anthonys and fewer Taylor Swifts.

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Is Middle America waking up to what’s going on around them?

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