Barstool Sports stepped up for this victim of NYC’s catch-and-release judicial system

Apr 3, 2024

Dave Portnoy is the middle of the political road down-to-earth guy who happens to own Barstool Sports.

While Portnoy’s views tend to be in the political middle, he’s never bashful about sharing his opinion.

And now Portnoy and Barstool Sports are going out of their way to do the right thing by this victim of NYC’s catch-and-release justice system’s family – and it’ll bring a tear to your eye.

NYPD officer killed on duty

Early this week, tragedy struck when a 31-year-old police officer was shot and killed on duty in Queens.

New York City Police Department officer Jonathan Diller was investigating two suspects who were believed to be casing a T-Mobile store.

When Diller approached, the men refused to roll down their windows, that’s when Guy Rivera is alleged to have shot Diller in the stomach.

At that point, Diller’s partner shot Rivera.

Rivera – who was out on bail at the time of the shooting — has a long rap sheet, including 21-arrests for drug and other violent offenses.

While Rivera remains in a hospital in stable condition, Diller wasn’t so fortunate, passing away from his wound.

The hero cop leaves behind a young family, including a wife and a one-year-old little boy.

And while the family will never be the same, Dave Portnoy and his Barstool Sports team are trying to make sure they at least don’t have to worry about money.

Barstool Sports raises $1.5-Million for family of fallen hero

The Daily Mail is reporting that Barstool Sports held a fundraiser for the Diller family.

The company put NYPD shirts on sale online, reading, “New York’s Finest” with the proceeds going to the fundraiser.

According to The Daily Mail, the effort raised $750,000 for the grieving family.

However, Portnoy is matching the total raised, bringing the donation up to $1.5-Million.

“I know money doesn’t cure this,” Portnoy said in an Instagram video recorded while the fundraiser was still ongoing. “Nothing can cure this, but it’s the least we can do. “Barstool, myself, we’ve got a long history supporting the cops, supporting the boys in blue, supporting first responders.”


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The Barstool Sports owner made a name for himself originally by sampling pizza from all over the five Boroughs – and eventually all over the country – and offering instant online video reviews.

He founded Barstool Sports, an everyman approach to sports and pop-culture news coverage.

Portnoy had sold Barstool to PENN-Entertainment for a reported $500-Million – and later bought the company back.

He says he bought it back for $1.

Since then, Portnoy has spearheaded many charitable efforts with his company – including this Barstool Sports fundraising for the Diller family.

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