Bill Clinton isn’t going to be able to hide now that the Epstein files have been released

Jan 12, 2024

Americans have been waiting for Epstein’s most prominent clients to be exposed for nearly 4 years now.

The cover-up of Epstein’s death and the list of pals he took to his private sex island only fuels interest about what the rich and powerful are doing.

Now, files from the Epstein case are finally being revealed, and Bill Clinton won’t be able to hide now.

America gets a peek into the world of Jeffrey Epstein

Millions of Americans have been asking for more information on the inner workings of Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal enterprise since he was arrested in 2019.

It was widely expected that some of the most powerful people in American politics and business would be implicated.

Until now, everything has been widely speculated based on leaked flight logs that pointed to significant players like Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and even former president Bill Clinton.

Now, thanks to a lawsuit filed against Ghislaine Maxwell, the world is finally getting a glimpse of what was happening.

Major names were added to the list in the first trove of documents released by the Southern District of New York.

Prince Andrew, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Al Gore were a few of the names.

But in the beginning, mostly everything was hearsay, and some of them were simply mentioned without any direct implications.

But now things are changing for Bill Clinton.

“Thank God she managed to get a hold of some footage…”

Buried in the files of the case against Maxwell was a victim impact report given by Sarah Ransome.

In the statement provided to prosecutors, Ransome alleged that Bill Clinton, along with Richard Branson and Prince Andrew, were recorded by Epstein in sexually explicit circumstances with underage girls.

One document details Ransome’s assertion that when one of her friends “had sexual intercourse with Clinton,” it was “in fact filmed.”

“Thank God she managed to get a hold of some footage of the filmed sex tapes, which clearly identify the faces of Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Branson…” Ransome wrote.

Ransome continued to say that when the victim “eventually had the courage to speak out and went to police in 2008 to report what had happened, nothing was done, and she was utterly humiliated by the police department…”

But now it’s possible that Ransome’s friend will finally get the justice she sought.

“If she breaks this agreement, she is dead…”

Ransome went on to allege that “Hillary Clinton herself” sent a group of “Special Agents” to attempt to stop her friend from speaking and “protect her presidential campaign in 2008.”

“She was given a substantial payout, directly from the Clinton Foundation, to keep her quiet,” Ransome wrote in the statement to prosecutors.

The victim was “1000% certain that the FBI did a cover-up and she has the individual names of Hillary’s Special Agent Officers involved in intimidating her,” according to the court documents.

Ransome contended that her friend was “forced against her will to sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement on Hillary’s behalf for her eternal silence.”

“If she breaks this agreement, she is dead,” Ransome said.

The Clintons have remained silent on the allegations—but legal representation on behalf of Richard Branson has denied the validity of the allegations.

“We can confirm that Sarah Ransome’s claims are baseless and unfounded,” they said.

There will undoubtedly be more information revealed regarding Epstein’s clients and closest confidants.

Read All About It will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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