Bishop Joseph Strickland refuses to bow to the Biden Justice Department

Mar 1, 2024

Violent crime is rampant, our borders are porous, and businesses are closing because shoplifters take what they want, and the police don’t do anything.

But the Biden Justice Department ignores these evils and instead seeks to prosecute Christians who simply proclaim their faith.

But Bishop Joseph Strickland won’t ignore this double standard and just went ballistic on Biden’s FBI for doing this to the pro-life movement.

As crime runs rampant, Christians are arrested

Back in the day, respected law enforcement communities in the United States used to target criminals.

When someone committed a crime, they would look over their shoulder, wondering when they would be apprehended.

But unfortunately, Soros backed DAs and defunded the police politicians, which made it impossible for the police to do their jobs

Now, criminals openly attack people in the streets or even rob stores in broad daylight because they know that they will get away with their crimes.

In the rare occasion that they are arrested they will be let back on the streets thanks to our “reformed” judicial system that puts criminals first and victims last.

But all that free time that our law enforcement and judges is now going to target hard-working and law-abiding citizens.

Not a week goes by without another national news story breaking about how an American got arrested or sentenced to jail over some small infraction.

Their only crime is being either a traditional American or a Christian.

Just think about it.

Just last month, six pro-lifers were convicted for the federal crime of sitting to pray in front of an abortion mill.

Now, each of these pro-lifers faces up to ten years in a federal prison when they are sentenced this summer.

All this while illegal immigrants are ravaging our cities with drugs and violent crimes, and all they get is a slap on the wrist with a get-out-of-jail-free card.

If that isn’t bad enough, who can forget when the FBI’s Richmond office sent out a memo claiming that traditional Christians were domestic terrorists and a threat to this nation that needed to be dealt with?

Bishop Strickland shows you how it’s done

Well, thankfully, there are a few Christian leaders who have the backbone and fortitude to stand up for what is left of America and their fellow Christians.

And one of those brave Christian leaders is Catholic Bishop Strickland.

Bishop Strickland is the real deal, as his staunch defense of traditional Catholicism resulted in the Vatican’s reversal of the Bishop’s duties after he criticized Pope Francis for ignoring Biblical teachings.

And when Bishop Strickland was at CPAC this past week, he was asked by reporters why he thought the FBI was openly targeting and even trying to spy on Christians.

Bishop Strickland responded, “Well, I really don’t claim to have the answer for why they would do this, but I do see it as a sad symptom of a society that sounds too much more like Nazi Germany or communist Russia than the United States.”

The Bishop continued by adding, “Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion — all of those freedom issues seem to be bound up in this … I think the FBI has been weaponized to go after people who simply believe deeply in the message of Jesus Christ and believe in the truth that He’s revealed. And sadly, in the nation and really in the world, even in the Catholic Church, we’re having a lot of people not so sure about this truth that God has revealed through his Son Jesus Christ.”

If Christianity stands any chance at surviving in the United States, it is because we had more men like Bishop Strickland fight for our religious freedoms and Biblical worldview.

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