California could force Walmart to make this massive change for customers

May 10, 2024

Walmart is the biggest retailer in the country and a regular stop for many shoppers.

A trip to the retail giant could look completely different because of Democrat politicians. 

And California could force Walmart to make this massive change for customers. 

California bill could eliminate self-checkout option at grocery stores and retailers

Retail theft has been surging across the country and California is ground zero for this crime.

Shoplifting is essentially legalized in the state because under state law stealing $950 worth of merchandise or less is a misdemeanor.

And pro-crime Democrat prosecutors in the state refuse to press charges against shoplifters.

Major retailers like CVS, Walgreens, and Macy’s have closed their locations in San Francisco because of the retail theft crisis. 

Instead of cracking down on shoplifters, California is looking to force retailers to change how they operate.

California Senate Bill 1446 would “prohibit a grocery or retail drug establishment from providing a self-service checkout option for customers unless specified conditions are met.”

To not have self-checkout banned, retailers would be required to have an employee watching no more than two self-checkout stations and that would have to be the employee’s only responsibility.

Self-checkout would be limited to ten items or less if the conditions are met.

State Senator Lola Smallwood-Cueva (D-CA) – the bill’s sponsor – said that self-checkout led to significantly more retail theft than using a cashier.

She claimed that self-checkout causes about $10 billion a year in losses from retail theft.

“As self-checkout has become more commonplace, loan workers have become easy targets for theft and violence as they are forced to stock merchandise, operate checkout stations, and cater to customers” all “trying to monitor their stores for retail theft,” Smallwood-Cuevas said.

Self-checkout has become more common at retailers like Walmart who often have more self-checkout lanes open than ones with cashiers.

California – the largest state in the country – banning self-checkout could have a ripple effect across the country.

The hidden motivation behind California Democrats banning self-checkout

Smallwood-Cueva’s bill has the backing of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UCFW) and Big Labor in California.

The UCFW represents workers at many of the major grocery stores throughout the country and in California.

Self-checkout is replacing the need for as many employees in a store.

And labor shortages combined with a high minimum wage have led to many California businesses moving to automate the checkout process.

Unionized workers in the private sector in California are required to pay union dues as a condition of employment.

And Big Labor funnels that money into electing Democrat politicians in the state who do their bidding.

If California wanted to crack down on retail theft, the state could get tough on shoplifters.

The California Chamber of Commerce and the California Retailers Association are opposing the bill because it doesn’t do enough to solve the heart of the problem, criminals.

“Instead, we’re supporting a package of bills that is being introduced and supported by the governor . . . that really is a comprehensive approach to address the issue of retail theft,” California Retailers Association CEO Rachel Michelin said. “It includes going after and providing consequences to serial shoplifters and goes after boosters who are selling stolen goods.”

California Democrats want to protect their allies in Big Labor rather than crack down on criminals.

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