Candace Cameron Bure revealed one key to marriage that left Hollywood fuming

Jul 3, 2024

Candace Cameron Bure is one of the few outspoken Christians in the movie business.

She has taken a different path in life than most Hollywood starlets. 

And Candace Cameron Bure revealed one key to marriage that left Hollywood fuming.

Candace Cameron Bure credits faith as the key to a successful marriage

Actress Candace Cameron Bure is best known for playing the character D.J. Tanner on the ABC sitcom Full House and its sequel Fuller House.

She and her brother, Kirk Cameron, are some of the few outspoken Christians working in the movie business.

Bure is a rarity in Hollywood in that she’s been married to her husband, former NHL player Valeri Bure, for 28 years.

A shared commitment to God is the reason she cited for her marriage’s success.

“Marriage is so wonderful. And yet there are so many ups and downs over the years,” Bure said. “I’ve said it before, but the secret has not just been the commitment to God and the blueprint that God provides us biblically within a marriage, but it’s honoring one another.”

“And in that, even when I may not, he may not deserve it, we honor each other, because it’s honoring God,” Bure continued. “And I think that’s where the focus is for us. That we honor God in all our actions first and foremost, but that is an outpouring of the love that we share together whether we really feel like it or not at the moment.”

The couple has three adult children together – Natasha, Lev, and Maksim.

She told Fox New Digital that their love has grown over the years. 

“The love has grown over the years,” Bure explained. “When you really do go through the depths of the valley, and you come back out on top as many times as you go through that roller coaster of life – within marriage, every time you come back on top it’s like another notch in the belt of commitment, staying together.”

Candace Cameron Bure talks about putting acting on the back burner for a decade

In a decidedly un-Hollywood move, Bure only appeared in a few parts between 1997 and 2007.

She appeared on the Full House Rewind podcast with her series co-star Dave Coulier where she talked about her career after Full House ended in 1995.

“Some of it’s a blur, but that’s when I took time off from acting,” Bure recalled. “Like, I didn’t act for 10 years. That’s once I had my kids, I was like, ‘OK, I’m a full-time mom and supporting my husband’s career, to go to games and cheer him on.’ You just do it. All the ladies, we just do it.”

Valeri Bure played with the Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues, and Dallas Stars as his hockey career took him all around North America.

She said that her experience on Full House caused her to return to acting.

“So, I took a break because I wanted to raise my kids. But I always had the desire that if the doors would open again when it felt like the right time to come back, that I would,” Bure added.

Candace Cameron Bure is navigating the movie business on her own terms putting her role as a wife and mother first.

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