Cenk Uygur was just silenced in front of the world when this conservative commentator called him out face-to-face

Dec 29, 2023

Leftist media is working overtime to continue to support Hamas despite the fact they are hiding terrorists behind women and children in hospitals.

One of the worst “journalists” is the loudmouth fearmonger-in-chief of the radical left-wing Young Turks supposed “news” outlet.

But Cenk Uygur was just left calling his guest names on the world stage when this conservative commentator dropped a series of truth bombs on him face-to-face.

The Middle East debate gets heated

Former Celebrity Apprentice winner Piers Morgan is a rare breed on the Left.

The long-time interviewer is a liberal who – most of the time – is still interested in good-faith debates.

And he hosted one such debate last week on his talk show, Piers Morgan Uncensored.

As you can see above, the topic of the debate was the current conflict in the Middle East and featured Douglas Murray defending Israel, while Cenk Uygur supported Hamas and Palestine.

Uygur is the operator and anchor of the Young Turks – a radically Left, supposed “digital news” outlet he started with Left-wing investment dollars because he believed the mainstream news had a conservative bias.

On the Armenian genocide denier’s show, Uygur fearmongers spread lies and constantly engage in character assassination.

His go-to trick is to call anyone who disagrees with his phony woke narrative as “racist” and accuse them of wanting to kill everybody.

Uygur, born in Turkey, has launched a Democrat Primary challenge to President Joe Biden because he believes Biden to be far too moderate.

Meanwhile, Douglas Murray is a British conservative and author of seven New York Times bestselling books.

He’s also one of the men you least want to see across the dais from you during a debate.

And Uygur just found that out the hard way.

Douglas Murray vs. Cenk Uygur

Murray sat patiently and listened while Uygur went on an unhinged rant calling Murray – and anyone who doesn’t hate Jews – racist, claimed Murray doesn’t care about the death of children and accused him of being a “monster” who supports terrorism and genocide.

But then, as you can watch below in the five-minute excerpt from the debate, it was Murray’s turn to speak.

And Murray didn’t hold back, calmly dismantling Uygur piece-by-piece and landing some zesty zingers in the process.

“I think you’re just a very low-rent racist — but anyway…you say I don’t care about the death of Palestinian children, yes, I do care,” Murray began. “I care very deeply about it. But I also know that the responsibility for their deaths lies on Hamas, which has misgoverned their society for the last 16-years and now has been leading the country into being in a war with Israel. So, yes, it’s on Hamas.”

After debunking Uygur’s claim, Murray then set his site on the angry messenger.

“As far as I can see, you’re very ill-traveled as well as rather ill-lettered and ill-spoken,” Murray continued.

“And I mentioned that I cover wars and go to wars because I happen to think myself that it’s worth seeing things with your own eyes, including things that you don’t particularly like…I don’t know if you even leave your own bedroom.”

Murray then shifted gear back to the topic at hand and dropped a truth bomb Uygur didn’t want viewers to hear.

“I can tell already that you don’t because you’ve already said something that demonstrates you know nothing about this conflict,” Murray concluded.

“You said that this is why we need to push for a two-state solution and give legitimacy to the Palestinian Authority… I guess you spent no time in the West Bank, have you? I’ll tell you something, you probably don’t know. The Palestinian Authority, Fatah celebrated the 7th of October massacres. I’ll give you another fact which demonstrates you know nothing about this and clearly haven’t ever visited any Palestinians in the West Bank as I have. “If there was an election tomorrow in the West Bank, the reason why there isn’t one is because…Hamas would win. So, your idea of a two-state solution, I’m afraid, you’re so out-of-date and you really should leave your bedroom, because in this region, nobody thinks there is a two-state solution on the table because there is not a viable negotiating partner.”

Having no facts or logic to help his argument, the Young Turk host responded in a rather embarrassing display by screaming insane insults.

“All you want is some sort of warmongering Israeli state, U.S. state, etc.! Neocon, Warhawk, Nazi, racist!”

Cenk doesn’t know when to quit

After Murray destroyed him on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Uygur was mocked mercilessly on social media.

Having not learned his lesson, the sore loser refused to take the L and tried to get a parting shot against Murray and anyone who agreed with him.

“Every genocide supporter is outing themselves right now as they look at Douglas Murray’s insipid, fact-free, non-sensical defense of mass slaughter in Gaza and obvious disdain and hatred of Palestinians – and think he did a good job,” Uygur tweeted.

“Wow. That’s telling on yourself.”

Murray took the opportunity to dunk on Cenk one more time.

“Oh Cenk, I gave you so many facts,” Murray tweeted. “The problem was you didn’t know any of them. And because you’ve never traveled anywhere and don’t know anything it came as a shock to you. But do go out. There’s a whole world beyond your bedroom.”

With debate performances like this, President Biden likely has no need to be looking over his shoulder for Uygur’s surge in the Democrat Primary – even if the Democrat National Committee would allow a real one.

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