Charles Barkley pointed out the obvious about San Francisco and the Left went nuts

Feb 26, 2024

Sports media is completely sold out to the woke leftist agenda.

But every now and then one of them drops a truth bomb that grabs everyone’s attention.

And Charles Barkley just pointed out some obvious problems with San Francisco and his ESPN co-hosts just about lost their cookies.

NBA legend and ESPN broadcaster Charles Barkley recently called out San Francisco’s “homeless crooks” during a live broadcast of the league’s All-Star Game. 

Co-hosts cried foul

As you might expect, Barkley’s woke co-hosts pushed back against him and cried “foul.”

Barkley started the exchange by directing a question to fellow Hall of Famer and his ESPN co-host Reggie Miller: “If you had a chance of being cold or being around a bunch of homeless crooks in San Francisco …”

Before he could even finish, Barkley’s co-hosts jumped on his comments with loud howls of disapproval.

“That’s crazy!” Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green yelled at Barkley. 

And reporter Taylor Rooks cried “no!” and then shot back at the Hall of Famer with a “we love San Francisco!” shout.

But Barkley would not relent and shouted back, “No, we don’t!”

And the back-and-forth continued.

Green, whose team plays in San Francisco replied, “Yes, we do!” 

“You can’t even walk around down there!” Barkley argued back.

“Yes, you can walk around!” Green claimed.

“Yeah, with a bulletproof vest and security!” Barkley said.

The writer of a USA Today article went so far as to call Barkley’s comments an “unnecessary and classless jab at San Francisco” and took the outspoken NBA legend to task for his “rude and thoughtless remarks.”

“He’s not wrong”

But Barkley received overwhelming support from most observers.

Most notably Elon Musk, who weighed in and posted, “He’s not wrong.”

And there was more.

“He’s absolutely correct,” another commenter posted.

“Chuck spitting facts,” another pointed out. “West coast elitism on display and Chuck not having [it].”

“I’ve lived in SF… Chuck isn’t wrong,” yet another wrote.

And one simply stated, “Chuck is right.” 

Of course, these commenters, and the many others who weighed in supporting Barkley are simply stating facts.

San Francisco has seen a massive increase in crime for a number of years and thanks to left-wing policies in the City by the Bay, it continues to get worse and violent crime more and more.

And it has gotten so bad that even some of the city’s Democrats and leftists are starting to call out the rising crime rate and the city’s failures to address it.

Even the city’s radical Leftist Mayor London Breed — who was fully behind the “defund the police” effort in 2020 after the death of George Floyd — made headlines recently.

She gave a speech in which she bluntly called out “bulls**t” crime “that has destroyed our city.”

So, while some of Barkley’s co-hosts may still love the criminal elements running rampant in San Francisco, Barkley is getting support from some unlikely left-wing sources.

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