CNN just exposed these rogue Biden regime officials’ outright cry for help over Joe Biden’s re-election prospects

Sep 21, 2023

Democrats are beginning to completely unravel as the reality sets in that the 2024 election is far from a done deal despite their witch hunt indictments against Donald Trump.

They know that time is running out to replace Joe Biden, and they’re starting to panic that rolling the dice on him and Kamala Harris might not be the best play.

And now CNN just exposed these rogue Biden regime officials’ outright cry for help over Joe Biden’s re-election prospects.

“Existential stress” sets in amongst Biden’s allies

According to a new report from CNN, President Joe Biden’s aides are “terrified” that he will be defeated by former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

CNN noted that despite Democrats’ witch hunt indictments against Trump, polls are now showing the two are virtually tied, with neither the former President nor Biden having a clear lead.

And that’s a fact that has apparently opened the eyes of Biden’s lackeys to the possibility that it may be best for Democrats to put someone else forward as the Party’s nominee, causing “existential stress” within the Biden White House.

“The former president may seem like the easier Republican candidate to beat, as a known quantity who is toxic to many voters, but they’re terrified that if he is the nominee, any fumbles by the campaign or the president himself would enable the return of a candidate they see as a singular threat to American democracy,” CNN reported.

This report comes on the heels of Washington Post columnist David Ignatius putting forth possibly the most vital call yet from one of Democrats’ media allies for both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to move aside in favor of a new Democrat ticket designed to stop Trump.

While he claimed it was “painful” for him to speak out against a Democrat President and Vice President, he argued that “if [Biden] and Harris campaign together in 2024, I think Biden risks undoing his greatest achievement — which was stopping Donald Trump.”

But even though that’s a sentiment shared by many Democrats – a majority of which believe Biden is not fit for office, based on recent polling – CNN reported that those within the Biden White House blame the media for the President’s lack of support.

Mounting problems for Biden

Based on the report, as far as the Biden regime is concerned, all of their issues are the result of the media “validating concerns about Biden’s age and about Republican claims of Hunter Biden’s corruption by covering those concerns, despite what they argue is a lack of evidence.”

And that’s apparently having a significant impact on the number of donations the Biden campaign receives from “notable” Democrat megadonors.

“But to the exasperation of several top Biden aides who spoke to CNN, some of the most notable names and biggest checkbooks remain missing,” CNN noted.

Clearly, things are not going as well for Democrats as they’d hoped.

With the reality that they’re not just going to win re-election by default starting to set in amongst Joe Biden’s closest allies, the pressure for Democrats to make a choice on whether to stick with the President is only going to crank up in the coming months.

And that may very well be a major advantage for Republicans moving forward – if they’ll take advantage of it.

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