CNN’s Jake Tapper just got humiliated on his own show by this New York Republican

Feb 7, 2024

Illegal immigration is now officially the number one issue on Americans’ minds as we move closer to the election.

While no bill has been constructed just yet, certain leaked line items have resulted in staunch public opposition, most notably from Speaker of the House Mike Johnson.

While the leftist media is trying to blame the border problem on Republicans, Jake Tapper was humiliated by a NY Republican who would have none of the Democrat’s narrative.

From leaked memos to open discussion on what a border deal should look like, the debate has brought all corners of the American political sphere to the table.

After years of running interference and barrier-building to prevent then-President Donald Trump from addressing the border crisis, Democrats have finally submitted to the fact that there is a crisis at all.

Republicans were able to force Democrats to the table on this issue by stating they will no longer allow billions to flow into the war in Ukraine until the border is addressed.

This is taking place as Texas has begun shipping illegal immigrants to northern so-called ‘sanctuary’ cities and states in order to enlighten open-border Democrats to how serious the problem is.

Senator Mitch McConnell recently announced that he would work on constructing a border deal with the White House.

Elements of the deal, which have yet to be fully constructed or finalized, have been debated by talk show hosts and news media.

“The Senate is currently negotiating a bill that would reportedly trigger a ‘mandatory shutdown’ if more than 5,000 migrants are apprehended at the border. Any migrants who arrive after the 5,000-person limit is reached would not be processed for asylum and would be immediately removed,” reported the Daily Caller.

“The policy would continue for two weeks until average encounters fall below 3,750 per day,” continued the report.

President Joe Biden has even pushed for the bill, claiming it would give him “the emergency authority to shut down the border until it could get back under control.”

“If that bill were the law today, I’d shut down the border right now and fix it quickly,” said the President.

As a majority of Americans have begun accrediting failure to address the border to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Biden’s 2024 strategy has included trying to reframe the issue as if Republicans are the ones refusing to fix the border.

That fact is that President Biden has been pursuing an open border policy, including catch and release, which is included in the framework of this negotiation.

Republican Congressman from New York, Mike Lawler, appeared on CNN, where he slammed Biden for enabling this problem, arguing the Senate should focus on negotiating with the House first.

“Yeah, but the Speaker said ‘no’ before – you just said, you haven’t seen the legislation, the Speaker’s describing it and saying it’s dead on arrival, you see,” CNN’s Jake Tapper interjected.

That is when Lawler slammed the talk show host, pointing out, “Well, with all due respect, you haven’t seen the bill, and interestingly, over the last few weeks, the media’s been trying to pressure everyone to agree to a deal that hasn’t actually been produced.”

“Why don’t we see what the final bill is, and then let’s see if they pass it, and then we negotiate,” shot back Lawler.

Jake Tapper has been doing what many on the Left choose to do: blame Republicans for their own failure to act.

On the show, Tapper and Lawler were joined by Democrat Congressman from Florida Jared Moskowitz, who appeared defensive of Tapper.

The Democrat jumped in to claim, “yeah and Jake by the way, the Speaker said ‘no’ because Donald Trump said ‘no.’ The Speaker is Donald Trump’s ‘no’ boy, ok, on this subject.”

Representative Lawler continued to point out that until a bill is actually drafted and proposed, there is little to debate or negotiate.

That’s when the Florida Democrat began shouting, “The bill is dead! The bill is dead!”

It was at that point when Tapper had to close the segment, not before Lawler was able to reiterate his stance on the border by supporting tougher restrictions and limiting how many people we allow in.

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