Cobra Kai’s final season on Netflix will pack in three times the kicking power for Karate Kid fans

May 15, 2024

Nostalgia can be a powerful thing – especially when it takes you back to better days. 

Ralph Macchio might be the master of nostalgia and has spent the past several years sending viewers back to the 1980s. 

And now Karate Kid fans are doing backflips after learning Cobra Kai’s final season will be packing three-times the kicking power. 

Daniel-san lives on

The 1980s spawned tons of major movie franchises. 

The results were hit and miss. 

For every Back to the Future, there was an Ernest Goes to . . . fill in the blank. 

For every Lethal Weapon there was a Robocop

Die Hard, Beverly Hills Cop, Police Academy, Indiana Jones, Rambo, Evil Dead, The Terminator – all born in the 80s. 

However, it could be argued that none of those franchises have had the staying power of Karate Kid

The original starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita spurred two sequels – along with an animated series and a Nintendo game – all made in the ‘80s. 

The franchise made it into the ‘90s with the 1994 reboot The Next Karate Kid featuring a young Hillary Swank. 

The story was rebooted again in 2010 with Will Smith’s son,  Jaden Smith,  in the title role and Jackie Chan playing the part of the sage mentor. 

But the brand really hit gold when it went back to its roots with the 2018 Netflix streaming series Cobra Kai

The series follows the characters from the original canon where their lives are today. 

And as the series is about to tie up all the loose ends, fans were recently rewarded with a major announcement. 

Cobra Kai final dates announced

After five seasons following Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso – as well as their children and southern California’s karate students – Cobra Kai is about to enter its sixth and final season. 

While season six will end the show’s run – Netflix has announced it will feature an extended 15 episodes. 

And the crane kicks don’t end there. 

Netflix has also announced that the 15 episodes will come in three five-episode parts. 

Part one is coming soon, with Netflix scheduling July 18 as the launch date. 

Netflix will have fans waxing on and waxing off during the holiday season, with party two beginning this upcoming Thanksgiving Day.

And the final five episodes will be released in 2025 – though the exact date has not yet been confirmed. 

Life after Cobra Kai

But the Cobra Kai finale isn’t the only Karate Kid project in the works. 

There is yet another Karate Kid movie currently scheduled for a theater debut May 30, 2025. 

The movie was pushed back from its original launch date of December 13, 2024. 

Few details are known about the plot of the latest movie in the franchise, however, it has been announced that the Daniel LaRusso character will feature prominently. 

Knowing that, as well as the dates of Cobra Kai’s final season parts, and with the release date for the new motion picture being pushed back, entertainment journalists are starting to connect the dots. 

Sites like Tom’s Guide, for example, are speculating that the movie will likely tie into the final season of Cobra Kai

Are fans witnessing the birth of a new MCU – the Miyagi Cinematic Universe? 

Only time will tell. 

But in the meantime, enjoy going back to the days of Ronald Reagan as President, teachers who stick to the “three Rs,” and no one insisting that men can give birth and lactate. 

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