Colin Kaepernick wants you to know that he is coming back to the NFL in his latest egocentric video

Jul 24, 2023

Colin Kaepernick is the most irrelevant person that keeps popping up in the news.

But here he is again to let you know that he is making a comeback.

And Kaepernick wants you to know that he is returning to the NFL in his latest egocentric video.

Will Kaepernick ever go away?

There’s a lot of people in society we could do without.

Odds are many of us could list all the handful of names that if they disappeared overnight, the world would be a better place.

And for most Americans, Colin Kaepernick would make that list.

The man provides nothing of substance to our society.

Kaepernick was gifted with God-given talent to throw a football.

And he made one heck of a career out of once being a fantastic college quarterback.

And that ultimately led to him getting paid millions upon millions of dollars in the NFL just to throw a piece of leather.

But when it didn’t work out for him in the big leagues, rather than riding off into the sunset with his big bags of money, he just started to cry like a baby.

For years, our society has been plagued with stories about how Colin Kaepernick just blames everything in his life on racism in the United States.

Who knew his inaccurate passing ability was because you’re just a mean old racist?

And then he had the audacity to attack the institution that made him a millionaire in the first place, comparing the NFL to the slave trading post.

But like a bad rash, no matter how many times we try to wipe Colin Kaepernick from our minds, he just keeps coming back.

Uncle Rico 2.0

And this time, he wants you to know that he will make a comeback into the NFL at the prime age of 35.

Colin Kaepernick put up a video on Twitter where he was throwing some balls to NFL wide receivers, including Patriots player Kendrick Bourne, the Cowboys’ Ceedee Lamb, Najee Harris of the Steelers, the Dolphins’ Jaylen Waddle, Chris Olave of the Saints, and the Titans’ Derrick Henry.

The caption to the video was “We Stay Sharp.”

In the video, the wide receivers are running some simple routes, with Colin trying his best not to suck butt.

And while he is throwing these dying doves to the wide receivers, they are making odd claims like, “He still got it.”

We all know Colin hasn’t got anything left for the NFL.

If he actually were in prime football condition, a team would have picked him up years ago, as they would get all the praise from the Black Lives Matter crowd.

But the fact of the matter is, Colin wouldn’t make it on your local high school football team.

He is old at this point, and he just doesn’t have anything left in the tank.

At this point, Colin Kaepernick just looks like a real-life Uncle Rico.

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