Colorado’s experiment with Coach Prime seems to be headed off the cliff

Nov 8, 2023

Deion Sanders came to Colorado as the savior for their embattled football program.

He has shown his swagger and bravado as the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes.

But that is part of the reason Colorado’s experiment with Coach Prime seems to be headed off the cliff.

According to well-respected sports commentator Jason Whitlock, the Deion Sanders coaching experiment at the University of Colorado will likely end in a lawsuit.

A lawsuit is on its way

While Sanders is a Hall of Fame football player and clearly knows the game, the experiment at the University of Colorado is headed off a cliff.

And according to Whitlock, someone is going to end up suing Sanders for coaching malpractice.

It could be a player, an assistant coach, the athletic director, a fan, a cheerleader, or a trainer.

The complainant could use October 28’s Colorado-UCLA game as exhibit A in a lawsuit against Coach Prime.

And Coach Deion’s postgame news conference could simply be played in the courtroom as the closing argument against him.

Following the Buffaloes 28-16 loss, Coach Prime’s news conference was a lesson in, as Whitlock put it, “self-serving narcissism, ego, and incompetence” that hasn’t been seen in college football for years – if ever.

And in a world that is full of egomaniac coaches and players, that is saying a lot.

Coach Prime’s frustration after the loss was certainly justified; Colorado won the turnover battle 4-0, which usually means a sure victory.

In fact, UCLA’s 4 turnovers all came in the first half, and yet at halftime, UCLA was still winning 7-6.

Looking a gift horse in the mouth

The UCLA Bruins tried to hand Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffaloes the gift of victory.

Instead, Colorado refused the gift.

And Deion blamed – his offensive line.

That’s right, Coach Sanders attacked his entire offensive line, questioning their “killer instinct, want, desire, will, and athleticism.”

This was his response to his quarterback son, Shedeur, being sacked seven times by an aggressive UCLA defense.

“The hardest thing to acquire is linemen, so when people have a good one, you rarely see linemen jump and go to different schools. I think we have some guys that it’s gonna be good with a little seasoning,” Sanders said.

“But overall, we just don’t have the fight or the passion to do what we wanna do. I’m a little biased because I’m his father, but I think we have the best quarterback in the country. I don’t think any other quarterback could put up with, stand and deliver like ours do, week in and week out, and taking the beating that he’s taking.”

According to Whitlock, “Sanders sounded like a Pee Wee coach.”

And Whitlock said, “The Coach Prime Experiment is a disaster. Deion better lawyer up. This type of coaching malpractice should be illegal.”

Those are some harsh words, but after back-to-back losses to UCLA and Oregon and an anemic 4-5 record, maybe they are just what is needed.

While Colorado is far better than they were, there is still clearly a long way to go for the Buffaloes.

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