Comedian Bill Maher was shocked to discover this five-alarm fire Democrats are facing

Mar 7, 2024

Democrats are up to their ears in problems for the 2024 Election.

One mistake is creating a nightmare scenario.

And comedian Bill Maher was shocked to discover this five-alarm fire Democrats are facing.

Michigan’s Presidential Primary created a political firestorm when more than 100,000 Democrat voters picked the uncommitted option on the ballot over President Joe Biden.

A campaign was organized by far-Left Democrats to get Michigan’s large Arab and Muslim population to choose uncommitted as a protest vote against Biden for not calling for an Israeli ceasefire against Hamas.

Democrats and their media allies began to panic that these voters could stay home in November or cast a third-party protest vote in a critical swing state that’s expected to come down to the wire.

Biden has trailed former President Donald Trump in every public poll from Michigan since last November.

Bill Maher stunned by Democrats’ Michigan problem

Newsweek Opinion Editor Batya Ungar-Sargon was asked about the uncommitted vote in Michigan during a panel on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.

She said Democrats and the media were missing the real story about Biden’s struggles in Michigan.

“The media really, really wants to put this narrative out there that Biden is going to lose Michigan over Gaza when the truth is he’s going to lose Michigan over 600,000 auto workers because his EV market was extremely punishing to auto workers,” Ungar-Sargon said.

Blue-collar and union workers were a key part of the Democrats’ electoral coalition in Michigan, but they have since moved away from the President over his electric vehicle push.

“There’s been this big realignment where working-class Americans are very, very, very much on the Trump train,” Ungar-Sargon continued. “Rather than admit that, this outrage that Democrats lost the working class vote, and try to figure out how we can appeal to them again, they’re looking for excuses and other things to blame.”

Blue-collar voters – who used to be part of the Democrat base – have been cast aside by Biden so he can cater to extreme environmental activists with his green energy agenda.

Donald Trump’s policies helping blue-collar Americans

Ungar-Sargon explained that Democrats are living in denial about how Trump’s policies have helped blue-collar voters who used to support them.

She pointed to Trump’s tough stance against illegal immigration, which drives down wages for workers.

“[A]n open border and mass migration is extremely punishing to the working class,” Ungar-Sargon said. “It drives down their wages. It’s class warfare against the working class.
It is an upward transfer of wealth from the working class, who end up competing with immigrants, to the elites who end up employing them, and now they can employ cheap immigrants instead of having to pay working-class Americans a living wage.”

Trump flipped three blue states in the Rust Belt that hadn’t voted for a Republican Presidential candidate since the 1980s – Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – in the 2016 Election by fighting for forgotten working-class voters.

Working-class voters could help send him back to the White House after the 2024 Election.

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