Cross-dressing United Airlines CEO under fire for his treatment of employees over religious beliefs

Jan 23, 2024

Woke CEOs inflicting liberal ideologies on their workers isn’t as shocking as it once was.

Boards of directors of major companies are terrified that leftist groups will attack their stock prices and have been more than willing to put woke zealots in charge of companies in order to buy them off.

But now it turns out that the United Airlines CEO is not only a part-time drag queen, he is now facing extreme backlash for his disregard for employees’ religious beliefs.

United Airlines CEO champions woke DEI policies

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby has been exposed on social media for his extreme ideologies and his questionable social life.

Earlier this month, Michael O’Fallon, a reporter for Sovereign Nations, posted a video from an Axios interview in 2021 where Kirby discusses the corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.

“Today, only 19 percent of our pilots at United Airlines are [sic]wen, or people of color, and by the way all the data I’ve seen [shows] that’s the highest of any airline in the country,” the CEO told Axios.

Kirby says they are committing to changing this by putting a 50 percent quota for women and people of color in their academy.

Kirby has previously found himself in the hot seat over his personal life—enjoying dressing in drag.

Libs of TikTok pointed out that the company is “focused” on “incorporating drag into their business and sponsoring drag shows.”

Requesting religious accommodations would put your job “on the line”

Some people might point out that the lack of focus on excellence as an organization could lead to dangerous outcomes like the emergency exit door flying off an Alaska Airlines flight earlier this month.

But there are also major cultural dangers to pushing Radical Left ideologies in corporate America.

Like discriminating against people who hold beliefs that oppose them.

Kirby’s treatment of his employees is an excellent example of this.

A lawsuit filed against United Airlines earlier this week details how the CEO responded to employees who requested religious exemptions from the COVID vaccine.

The lawsuit alleges that Kirby “threatened employees to ‘be very careful about’ requesting such accommodations because ‘very few’ people would ‘get through the medical and religious exemption process.’”

The claim is that Kirby wanted everyone to know that if they requested these exemptions, they would be “putting [their] job on the line.”

One possible “Scott-level initiative” likened to the “Scarlet Letter”

The CEO was concerned about people that “all [of a] sudden decide” to be religious in response to the COVID vaccine mandates.

And he wanted to make “clear” that this was not an acceptable response from employees at the airline.

Kirby announced a “Scott-level initiative” that managers “call out” employees and make them aware of the high standards that would be placed on exemption requests.

The CEO did this “consciously knowing that would upset some people” in the company.

The court filing even alleges that the CEO had considered “requiring accommodated employees to walk around with special stickers on their badges broadcasting their vaccination status.”

The only thing that stopped him was intervention from United’s legal team that warned it would “create conflict.”

Leadership in Human Resources also spoke out against it, likening it to placing a “scarlet letter” on their staff.

In the end, Kirby’s pressure campaign largely worked, and 96 percent of the staff at United followed the company directive to get the vaccine.

Only 2,300 out of nearly 100,000 employees were given exemptions, and the rest were let go.

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