Dana Carvey just destroyed Joe Biden with this impression that has Democrats seeing red

Mar 15, 2024

Democrats are stumbling all over themselves to cover up Joe Biden’s continuing blunders.

And it is so obvious even the typically left-leaning entertainment industry is starting to make jokes about it.

But the Democrat elites are seeing red after Dana Carvey made this impression, destroying Biden’s flip-flop on this important issue.

Comedian Dana Carvey recently unveiled a new Joe Biden impression of focused on Biden flip-flopping on the border crisis.

A spot-on and pointed impression of a bumbling Joe Biden

According to Fox News, Carvey did it with “spot-on Biden-isms, a push-up challenge, and nonsensical words.”

Carvey delivered his latest Biden impression during a recent episode of his podcast “Superfly” along with fellow comedian David Spade, who posted a clip of the bit on X.

The hilarious impression was made in two parts, starting with Biden denying any crisis at the border shortly after he was elected, and followed by the president’s recent admission of the crisis after massive public outcry.

“I started with Biden, ’cause the border is all the rage now, everyone’s crazy for the border,” Carvey began. “So I did Biden three years ago, he’s at a press conference, you know.”

Carvey then said a member of the press asked the president how he’d handle the crisis at the border, and Biden calmly responded, “First of all, let’s get our facts straight. There’s no crisis at the border. C’mon.”

Carvey continued; “And [the press goes], ‘How do you know, sir?'”

“Cause it says so on the piece of paper!” Carvey’s Biden replied as he held up a sheet of paper. “Says it on the paper right there.”

“And then recently,” Carvey said, setting up the next part of his impression, “everyone wants to close the border. Everyone’s screaming and Biden’s up there, ‘I’ll close the border harder than anyone’s ever closed the border! ‘Cause I know how to close the border. C’mon Jack!'”

Let’s do some push-ups

Then, acting as the press, Carvey replies, “But last time . . .”

“Get your facts straight! I’ll beat the hell outta ya,” Carvey’s Biden responds before going into exaggerated Biden-isms.

“Whattaya dog pace pony shoulder? C’mon! Let’s do some push-ups! I’ll close the border like nobody’s ever closed the border – the border patrol – the border – can’t believe it’s not butter!”

Both Spade and an off-screen producer can then be heard laughing as Carvey ends the bit.

The comedy aside, Biden used his first term in the White House to end most of the border and immigration policies of former President Trump.

And it’s these actions Republicans, and most impartial observers, argue have led to the deadly crisis at the nation’s southern border.

So it’s no surprise that a recent Monmouth poll showed Biden’s approval ratings dropping precipitously when it comes to his handling of immigration.

And a recent Fox News poll showed that a majority of voters believe the situation at the southern border is at least a major problem, if not a full-fledged emergency.

And this is now causing major problems for Biden in his attempt to secure a second term.

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