Danica Patrick just sent the Left into full meltdown mode by simply posting this picture

Jan 4, 2024

The political Left demands 100% allegiance to their agenda all the time.

Unfortunately, cancel culture is picking up more steam every day.

And now, Danica Patrick is sending the Left into full meltdown mode by posting one picture that shocked the woke mob.

Bad ideas or bad people?

Conservative talk show host Dan Bongino has a phrase he uses to illustrate the fundamental difference between the Right and the Left.

“Liberals think conservatives are bad people attached to ideas, while we think liberals are just bad ideas attached to people.”

The placement of the word “bad” is the key distinguishing factor.

And the Left loves little more than showing off their hate.

Just ask former NASCAR and Indy Car driver Danica Patrick.

Leftists loved her when she shattered supposed “glass ceilings” and entered the male-dominated world of car racing.

How the times have changed.

Now they’re tweeting things like this: “I hate finding out things like this about someone I thought was a decent human.”

Similar tweets calling Patrick a bad person have been flooding social media recently.

Danica Patrick turns out to be based


Because pictures surfaced of Patrick attending a Turning Points USA event called AmericaFest.


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A post shared by Danica Patrick (@danicapatrick)

She also made the mistake of saying she loves America.

“Sister came to town to check out TPUSA with me,” Patrick posted on Instagram. “Dad replied to our pic with – ‘perfect daughters.’ We do love our country….so AMfest (AmericaFest) makes sense.”

That’s it.

To the Left, that’s all it takes to make you not just wrong on politics – but a bad person.

AmericaFest was held in mid-December in Phoenix, Arizona.

Many people defended Patrick from the onslaught of Leftist hate that rained down on her.

But Patrick quickly proved she was more than capable of defending herself.

Danica Patrick stands up to the Thought Police

Unlike many other celebrities who apologize when attacked by the cancel culture outrage mob — Patrick took to Instagram to point out the double standard that exists when a celebrity supports Democrats versus when one supports Republicans.

“I think it’s bullsh*t that Democrats can be proud, but a Republican can’t in society,” Patrick wrote.

“As a result, there is so much propaganda that penetrates mainstream media. I love this country and I have (in) lived other places. I believe when people of different opinions speak face to face we realize we are more similar than different.”

Patrick noted that the Left’s irrational reaction to her pictures was exactly why she had previously kept her political beliefs to herself.

“I have been very torn over the years if I should give a s*it about politics or just live the life I want as an example,” Patrick posted.

“I have been doing the latter. The reaction today is definitely interesting… since all I said was, I love this country.”

The first woman to ever win an Indy Car series took the opportunity to define where exactly she stands on a few political issues.

“I am not a liberal,” Patrick added. “I am somewhere between Republican and independent. I think our country should be run by someone that knows business and has integrity. I believe we should be able to speak freely. I don’t think our food and skies should be poisoned.”

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