Dave Portnoy put this Washington Post reporter in an absolute pretzel with one surprise phone call she never saw coming

Sep 27, 2023

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has long been a target of the woke Left over his support for free speech and refusal to bend to their absurd demands.

But he’s always refused to back down even an inch, choosing instead to confront his woke extremist attackers’ lies and slander head-on.

And this Washington Post reporter learned that lesson the hard way after Dave Portnoy put her in an absolute pretzel with one surprise phone call she never saw coming.

This is how you respond to a media hit piece

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is a top target of Democrats’ media allies as they continuously write virtually the exact same hit pieces against him by taking his comments wildly out of context and portraying him as the poster boy of so-called “toxic masculinity.”

As such, Portnoy learned earlier this week that a Washington Post reporter was working on yet another hit piece designed to take him down.

This time, Washington Post reporter Emily Heil began work on a hit piece intended to portray Portnoy as “misogynistic” and “problematic” in order to pressure corporate sponsors who were set to take part in the Barstool founder’s One Bite Pizza Festival on Saturday, September 23, to pull out of the event as it would cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more.

“Hi, just following up on this,” Heil wrote in an email to one of the event’s partners, who forwarded the email to Portnoy.

“We are planning to write about the festival and how some of the sponsors and participants have drawn criticism by seeming to associate themselves with Dave Portnoy, who has a history of misogynistic comments and other problematic behavior. I wanted to make sure that [name redacted] had a chance to respond to this since the company is the most prominent of the ‘partners’ for this festival.”

Of course, the only “criticism” anyone received for associating with Portnoy was from self-proclaimed “journalists,” like Heil, who love nothing more than fabricating a controversy for clicks.

Nevertheless, Portnoy ultimately chose to reach out to Heil himself in order to challenge her assertions and set the record straight.

“Hey, Emily, this is Dave Portnoy calling,” the Barstool founder told Heil as she answered the phone. “I’m recording you right now, but – we have this pizza fest happening on Saturday, and you’re reaching out to our advertisers and sponsors, and you’re basically sending an email that says, to the effect, ‘Dave’s misogynistic, racist, do you want to defend yourselves advertising at this event,’ right?”

“It’s sort of a reporting tactic”

After at first attempting not to know who Portnoy was, Heil responded by claiming “she’d never said anything like that,” until Portnoy simply read the email back to her verbatim, forcing the self-proclaimed “journalist” to remember, “Oh, that email suddenly.”

Heil continued by attempting to explain that the email Portnoy had obtained “was the most pointed because I was trying to get a response,” seemingly believing it was totally fine to smear someone’s name without evidence just because she wanted to get a response.

Portnoy challenged Heil’s claims by telling her he’s “happy to go over anything” she has questions about.

“We’re doing an event, everyone’s happy about the event, you know, I’ve raised $50 million for small business, I’ve helped pizza places, there’s none of that [mentioned in Heil’s hit piece email],” Portnoy explained. “[It’s just] ‘Dave’s misogynistic and problematic,’ and I’m happy to talk about it because, to me, nobody would like it if someone’s going around sending that email to their sponsors. And again, you’re not questioning it – it’s almost like a statement of fact: this is what I am.”

“You know, sometimes you have to say something like this is like, you know, it’s sort of a reporting tactic,” Heil claimed, attempting to weasel out of having to actually defend her claims against him. “When you want someone to respond, you kind of have to indicate that there might be something negative, and then you get them to engage. That’s all I was trying to do.”

After going back and forth with Heil for over 12 minutes, she agreed to have another phone call with Portnoy the next morning to actually allow him to answer to the claims she was making against his character – but unsurprisingly, The Post later canceled that call.

“The Washington Post, which is a wildly left-leaning publication, you have things you’ve said,” Portnoy said. “You hate Trump. You hate Elon [Musk] – not that I’m those people – [but] to think you’re gonna give me a fair shake. I wasn’t born yesterday.”

The Left has overplayed its hand

Portnoy later appeared on Barstool Radio to break down the entire ordeal and explained that the now-megaviral video is exactly why the self-proclaimed “journalists” who’ve attacked him don’t actually try to interview him about their claims.

“To be honest, it’s just the same s**t over and over and over again,” Portnoy explained. “And all the people who are like supporting me now are Right – all the Right-wing people. Like Jesse Watters, Fox [News] invited me on tonight at 8:00 to talk about it. Nobody on the Left, even though it’s horrible what they are doing, nobody on the Left will talk about it.”

Another self-proclaimed “journalist,” NJ.com’s Jeremey Schneider, had previously attempted the same type of hit piece against Portnoy and his pizza festival prior to Heil’s attempt and was confronted by Barstool Sports podcaster Kirk Minihane earlier this week, as well.

“We picked nine random numbers, Jeremey, and you won; congratulations,” Minihane said in response to Schneider’s whining over being contacted the same way he contacts sources for his hit pieces every day. “You willing to answer some questions about this column, or no?”

“I am not talking to you guys about this,” Schneider replied.

“Why is that?” Minihane shot back. “But you wrote a column, and you have an opinion; why wouldn’t you back it up?

“I wrote what I wrote, and I appreciate it, have a good one,” Schneider said before quickly hanging up.

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