David Hogg was left speechless after the survivor of the Chinese Communist Party had a mic drop moment

Apr 18, 2024

David Hogg was nowhere near the shooting during the Parkland High School tragedy, but that has never stopped him from using the incident to push to take away your gun rights.

The woke activist still continues to carry his message of gun confiscation to college campuses across America six years after the incident.

But when this survivor of the Chinese Communist Party asked this question, he was left absolutely speechless.

The Left’s leading gun-grabbing advocate

Former Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama and former Democrat Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel is infamous for admitting, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

What’s even more distasteful is when left-wing activists make a full-time career out of that same philosophy.

David Hogg is no stranger to using tragedies to make a political name for himself.

Back in 2018, Hogg was a student at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

That year, a former student shot up the school, murdering 17 people.

While Hogg was nowhere near the deadly assault, it was no doubt a tragic and frightening event in his life.

However, he wasted no time in capitalizing.

The then-18-year-old became an instant celebrity by blaming law-abiding gun owners, the National Rifle Association, and every-day conservatives for the tragic school shooting.

Hogg would become arguably the most recognizable gun-grabbing advocate in the country and even led boycott efforts against Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham Angel program.

To this day, he still travels the country pushing for restrictions on the second amendment – and anytime there’s a shooting, his face is all over television and social media.

While Hogg’s abrasive approach made him popular with the Leftist zealots who want to ban all guns, it doesn’t sit well with law-abiding gun owners like the one he recently ran into at a speaking engagement.

“The debate on gun control is over”

Hogg recently took part in a gun control debate at Dartmouth University.

Following the debate, Hogg took questions from the audience.

Unfortunately for him, YouTuber, Communist China escapee and New Hampshire Republican Congressional candidate Lily Tang Williams was in attendance and made her way to the microphone.

“I am a Chinese immigrant who survived communism,” Tang Williams said. “And under Mao, 40-Million people were starving to death after he sold communism to them. And 20-Million people died, murdered, during his cultural revolution. So, my question to you, David, is can you guarantee me, a gun owner, tonight, our government in the U.S., in D.C., will never, never become a tyrannical government? Can you guarantee that to me?”

To his credit, Hogg was at least honest in his answer.

“There’s no way I can ever guarantee that any government will not be tyrannical,” Hogg admitted.

That’s when Tang Williams had a mic-drop moment using one of the Left’s own lines against Hogg.

“Well, then the debate on gun control is over because I will never give up my guns,” Tang Williams exclaimed. “Never. Never. And you should go to China to see how gun control works for the dictatorship of the CCP.”

At that point, the student moderator removed the mic from Tang Williams to save the speechless Hogg.

Mrs. Tang Willians goes to Washington

Tang Williams is running as a Republican in The Granite State’s Second Congressional District.

The district used to be considered purple but has trended blue over the past decade.

In 2024 it will be an open seat general election contest, as incumbent Democrat Representative Ann McLane Kuster has announced she will not seek a seventh term in office.

The district covers western and northern New Hampshire, including Nashua and Concord.

So far, Tang Williams – who is the former chair of the Colorado Libertarian Party and ran for the U.S. Senate in Colorado as a Libertarian back in 2016 – has three declared candidates running against her in the GOP primary.

If Tang Williams survives the September 10 primary, she’ll likely face former Executive Councilor and failed gubernatorial candidate, Colin Van Ostern in the general election.

Van Ostern appears to have the Democrat Party machine with him, including scoring the endorsement of Congresswoman Kuster.

However, Van Ostern will have to first get past Democrat State Senator Becky Whitley and any other candidates who might still announce for the primary.

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