Deion Sanders just gave his pick for the best college football coach today, and you won’t believe who it is

Sep 19, 2023

The head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes is back in prime time.

And Coach Prime doesn’t shy away from talking about any subject or anybody.

Now, Deion Sanders has made his pick for the best college football coach today, and you won’t believe who it is.

Deion Sanders wasn’t shy and didn’t hesitate when he was asked who the best coach in college football is right now.

“Let me see a mirror so I can look at him.”

The first-year Colorado head coach and former college and NFL superstar has guided the Buffaloes to a 3-0 record, with their latest win coming Saturday against Colorado State in double overtime.

And their first win was a stunning upset of the ranked TCU Horned Frogs.

This was from a team that could only win one game last season.

And even though Sanders only has a few months under his belt in the Power 5 Conference, he is putting himself at the top of the coaching list.

“Let me see a mirror so I can look at him,” he said during an interview on 60 Minutes when he was asked who he thought was the best coach in the game today.

“You think I’m going to sit up here and tell you somebody else? Do you think that’s the way I operate? That somebody else got that on me?”

Sanders, who also does Aflac commercials with Alabama head coach Nick Saban, did express his great admiration for Saban.

“I’ll tell you this: I love, and I adore, and I respect, and every time I do a commercial with coach Saban, it’s a gift. Just sitting in his presence and hearing him and throwing something else out there so I can hear his viewpoint on it because he’s forgotten more things than I may ever accomplish,” Sanders said of Saban.

Much respect

Sanders continued, “So, I’m a student looking up to this wonderful teacher saying, ‘Just throw me a crumb of what you know.'”

And Saban expressed admiration for Sanders in an interview with USA Today before the start of the season.

Saban said he has “as much respect for him as anyone in our profession.”

“We both share information to try and help each other,” Saban said.

The Crimson Tide coach continued, “We’re both interested in trying to improve our program, how we sort of motivate players, how we inspire people to do things at a high standard and a high level all the time. So that interaction has been positive for me.”

Only time will tell if Coach Prime is truly the best coach this year, but he’s off to a good start.

While he has some detractors, he continues to operate the way he always has, with a chip on his shoulder, a swagger, and a deep faith in God – something he is not afraid to discuss with anyone.

These are all attributes that some in today’s woke culture just can’t accept, but it looks like Colorado is all in.

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