Dennis Quaid dropped one fact about his new Reagan movie that Joe Biden will hate

May 29, 2024

Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest Presidents in history.

Now the life of the 40th President is coming to the big screen.

And Dennis Quaid dropped one fact about his new Reagan movie that Joe Biden will hate.

Dennis Quaid talks about his upcoming Ronald Reagan biopic

Veteran actor Dennis Quaid is portraying Ronald Reagan in the upcoming movie, Reagan, which is set to be released this August.

Based on the book, The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism, the film tells the story of the 40th President from his boyhood in Illinois to the White House from the perspective of a former KGB agent.

Quaid appeared on Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson’s podcast where he discussed the film and the similarities he saw today to Reagan’s era.

“He was my favorite President. I will say that,” Quaid said.

“I did vote for Jimmy Carter in ’76, regretted it,” Quaid recalled. “But in 1980 I voted for Ronald Reagan. My dad was a huge Reagan fan. And I voted for him and went home, and my roommate at that time – from Texas – he said, ‘Who’d you vote for?’ and I said, ‘Ronald Reagan.’ And he said, ‘You’re out of the hippies.’”

Quaid was asked why he switched his vote from Carter to Reagan.

“Those times remind me very much of what’s going on today . . . Carter had his malaise speech. The country had lost confidence in itself about who we are,” Quaid said. “We kind of accepted that we were a nation in decline. It was after Watergate, it was after Vietnam.”

The actor said that Carter’s nice guy approach on the world stage let the Soviets walk all over him.

Reagan brought a new optimism to the country and a more aggressive approach toward communism Quaid explained.

“Reagan, who had always been, you know, this kind of cold warrior and great communicator, came along and told people, ‘Pick yourself up,’ you know? ‘There’s a brighter day ahead,’” Quaid stated.

Quaid said he liked Reagan for taking a hard line against the nation’s enemies like the Soviet Union.

“That’s one of the attractions that I had for Reagan,” Quaid said, “You know, he’s a bada**, but he’s my bada**.”

Dennis Quaid talks about preparing to play Ronald Reagan

Quaid said that preparing to play Reagan was one of the toughest roles of his decorated career.

To prepare, he did a deep dive into the 40th President’s life, especially his childhood in Illinois and his career in Hollywood.

“I said ‘yes’ [to the movie] because he was my favorite president,” Quaid said. “[But] I didn’t want to do an impersonation of him. So, I had about a year to prepare for that. In my mind, I already knew Reagan really well. I’m a history buff as well.”

He added that Reagan had a private side to him despite being a public figure.

“It was a very daunting role for me . . . I voted for him,” Quaid told Crosswalk Headlines. “But I didn’t want it to just be a love letter, either. You always want to try to get to who he was. It was a very interesting journey in playing that role. In a way, the great communicator was kind of unknowable, to even the people who knew him, who were in his world. I think Nancy was the only person who really knew him. There was a very private side to him.”

The Reagan biopic will be one of the rare movies with a conservative lean coming to theaters this summer.

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