Dennis Quaid revealed that this celebrity’s death changed everything for Hollywood

Jun 5, 2024

Scandals and tragedies have been a part of Hollywood since the beginning.

Usually, life moves on without anything changing. 

But Dennis Quaid revealed that this celebrity’s death changed everything for Hollywood.

John Belushi’s death changed the drug culture in Hollywood

Veteran actor Dennis Quaid got his start in the movie business in 1975 with his debut in the comedy Crazy Mama.

His breakthrough role came in the 1979 coming-of-age comedy Breaking Away.

But Quaid talked about how drug culture changed in Hollywood during an appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored to promote his upcoming biopic Reagan

The 1970s were the heyday of drugs in the movie business and Quaid was no exception.

He said that at the start of his career he was “operating on 2-3 hours of sleep” while he was “doing blow.”

“I’d like to say it didn’t affect my performances, but it did, how could it not,” Quaid said. “You know when you are not operating at 100 percent capacity.”

Host Piers Morgan asked him if any of his friends died of drug use.

Quaid replied that his late friend comedian John Belushi did.

Belushi died at 33 years old in 1982 after a drug overdose at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles.

“You know it all started [when] John Belushi died,” Quaid recalled. “Cocaine before that was, it was in People magazine, doctors saying that it wasn’t addictive. It was a party thing or whatever. Everything was fine and dandy until . . . in fact, it [cocaine] was in the budget of movies.”

Cocaine was an accepted part of show business in those days according to Quaid.

“You know all that funny money set aside,” Quaid said. “You would go to meetings and executives would have it there on their desk. It was just a thing. […] And then when John Belushi died, that changed everything. Or at least that’s when it started to change.”

Quaid had his own battle with drug addiction for years.

He told Morgan that it took him four years to finally get sober.

Dennis Quaid used religion to help him beat drugs

Quaid said that he had a hole in his life that he needed to fill and that’s when he turned back to Christianity.

He had a “white light experience” where he realized that he was going to end up dead or in jail if he didn’t get clean. 

“I’ve always been a seeker,” Quaid explained. “Finally, after going through the God of cocaine and that era of my life, came back to the red words of Jesus, rereading the Bible, and that brought me back.”

He grew up as a Christian but lost his faith as he got older.

“I read the Bible and then I read all the other books . . . but reading the Bible again, the red words of Jesus again and the things that Jesus said, and that led me to a personal relationship with God,” Quaid added. “And that’s really in the end what it’s all about.”

Dennis Quaid has seen it all during his nearly 50-year career in the movie business.

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