Disney can’t afford another fight with Ron DeSantis after getting hit with this devastating news

Nov 15, 2023

Disney can’t stop the bleeding since it started a political rivalry against Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Disney thought it held all the cards when it began the fight – it is a huge corporation, a significant employer, and a tourist destination; who is this Governor to challenge them?

But now America’s Governor is celebrating yet another victory over the mega-media conglomerate.

DeSantis vs. Disney

When the Republican-controlled Legislature in the Sunshine State passed the Parental Choice in Education Act last year, Gov. Ron DeSantis eagerly signed it into law.

The bill barred any teaching of sexually mature subjects to students in kindergarten through third grade.

It also had protections for parents, forcing schools to alert them in cases such as pregnancy or gender identity changes.

Big Media labeled the common-sense legislation the “Don’t Say Gay” bill – despite those words of that sentiment being nowhere in the legislation.

Disney Corp. was one of the many who distorted the truth of the bill and tried to get it killed.

And they’ve been regretting it ever since.

Disney’s stock tumbled like Goofy down a ski slope since picking the woke side of this debate.

Subscriptions to Disney+ are down, as are attendance at Disney theme parks.

Walt’s old company was even forced to change CEOs after Gov. DeSantis convinced the state legislature to take away Disney’s self-governing status, costing them millions of dollars.

As part of taking away Disney’s self-governing status, DeSantis replaced the entire board of trustees that controlled the Reedy Creek Improvement District – the land Disney operated on.

And that the new DeSantis-backed board of trustees axed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion requirements for contract bids within the district.

An investigation by DeSantis’ board found the Disney board “routinely awarded contracts based on racially and gender driven goals to businesses based on their owners’ race and gender.”

The investigation also determined the Disney-approved board and implemented quotas based on DEI factors “to ensure that contractors met a certain threshold of diversity.”

The Mouse can’t stop the bleeding

But there are other changes for Disney since sticking its nose in DeSantis’s business.

The latest change comes at the expense of its employees.

Breitbart News is reporting Disney Co. has announced it will be slashing an additional $ 2 billion in spending in the coming months.

According to Breitbart, it was revealed on Disney’s quarterly earnings call with investors that the total cost cuts by Disney CEO Bob Iger are now up to about $ 7.5 billion.

The report states that those cuts have resulted in 7,000 Disney employees losing their jobs.

And according to Breitbart, company insiders say Iger is “overwhelmed and exhausted” by the constant parade of financial bad news for the company.

The latest of which comes in the form of the newest movie from Disney’s MCU, The Marvels is on track to be the biggest flop in the Marvel franchise history.

And Disney even had to delay its new Snow White live-action reboot a full year to re-shoot the entire movie to remove some of the woke messaging that had drawn the ire of fans of the original classic.

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