Disney is in real trouble, and this top producer just explained why

Oct 20, 2023

It was once the nation’s premier family entertainment company.

But now its once loyal customers are turning their backs on Disney and demolishing their bottom line.

And this top producer just explained why Disney is now in real trouble.

The winds of change are blowing in full force at the once wonderful world of Disney.

Woke ideology, box office flops, and declining revenue

The sad fact for Disney is that more and more Americans are abandoning Disney at every level, leaving the company in a growing revenue deficit.

The decline of the once-dominant family entertainment giant has been discussed repeatedly and heatedly recently.

While Disney executives scramble to try and figure out the problem, many industry insiders say they know exactly what the issue is.

And many experts see the company’s recent foray into radical leftist politics and woke ideology as the leading cause for their financial woes.

Among those is well-respected actor and film producer Matthew Marsden, who recently joined James Poulos on “Zero Hour” to discuss what’s going on at Disney.

Marsden said Disney has “absolutely destroyed what made that brand brilliant. You’re seeing it now with the woke Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”

The new version of the Disney classic has been in the news a lot lately.

This progressive woke Snow White remake is a classic example of a company gone full woke and an example of why they are also going broke.

No prince, no dwarves, and no white

The new version will not feature a prince or dwarves because, according to Disney, these things are simply too offensive.

And Snow White will be played by a Latina actress because whiteness, as we’ve been told by the actress and Disney, needs to be done away with completely.

“If you have an established IP . . . even though it’s made millions of dollars [and] it’s been hugely successful, some screenwriter comes along, and he goes, ‘Do you know what, I can improve that,’ and they change it,” says Marsden.

Which is exactly what they’re doing with this updated version of the Disney classic loved by millions of children and adults alike.

Despite the fact, or likely because of the fact that the original Snow White is a beloved classic, the screenwriters and producers are using the remake to create what is almost certain to be yet another woke disaster.

“Just make the movie of the book,” pleads Marsden. “It’s sold X amount of a million copies; people want to see it up on screen . . . it’s really simple.”

“When you see that happen, they’re always successful for the most part,” he continued.

“Tech is part of the problem here too,” adds James, because many screenwriters wrongly assume that putting “CGI in every scene” means “people will get it and they’ll watch it because it’s got technology in it . . . and that doesn’t work.”

“So if that doesn’t work, and woke-ifying things doesn’t work, then you’ve got stagnation,” he continued.

Based on Disney’s shrinking profits, sales drop-offs, and recent movie flops, Marsden is on point.

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