Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, just got caught with his hands in the cookie jar

Dec 8, 2023

Disney has been at the cutting edge of pushing the woke agenda on this generation of kids.

And they have been paying for it as more and more of their audience has left the brand for good.

But they may have gone too far and picked up a huge new enemy when they tried to use their clout to attack Elon Musk.

“Let’s see how Earth responds . . .”

Elon Musk’s X platform is facing what seems to be a coordinated effort by major companies to pull advertising dollars from his platform.

The goal of these woke corporations is to change the way that the billionaire entrepreneur deals with freedom of speech on his platform.

But Musk isn’t backing down, and last week, he made that abundantly clear in an interview with New York Times columnist Ross Sorkin.

The tech mogul called Disney’s CEO Bob Iger—who was sitting in the audience—telling him not to buy advertising on his platform.

Musk suggested that if these companies bankrupt his platform, then the whole world will know what happened. “Let’s see how Earth responds to that…we’ll both make our cases, and we will see what the outcome is . . .” he said.

Musk believes that it will be to those companies’ detriment.

Now we’re seeing the first signs of that.

Disney lost over $1.4 billion on Disney+ last year in Q4

Americans are tired of woke companies pushing the Radical Left’s ideologies into cultural spaces for children.

Last year, in Q4, the company lost over $1.4 billion trying to keep its streaming service Disney+ afloat.

Now, it looks like Disney is trying to top that number.

Following the airing of the New York Times interview, Musk received an enormous amount of support on his social media platform.

Musk is giving Americans a great reason to push back even harder.

People began showing proof of cancellation to Disney+ alongside messages of support for Elon Musk.

This comes after multiple reports of Disney losing millions of dollars on the streaming service.

The hashtag #BoycottDisney began to trend and is still alive and well, with multiple prominent figures pushing the trend this week.

Major conservative influencers aimed to shame Iger and the Disney brand publicly.

“I honestly thought we were already boycotting Disney . . .”

Former Hollywood Director Robby Starbuck announced “Operation #BendTheKnee.”

“We have the power to make @Disney bend the knee to us by resuming ads here. Don’t make one purchase that gives them a dime. End @disneyplus subscriptions. No Disney Christmas gifts for kids. Force Bob Iger to bend the knee to us and @elonmusk,” he wrote on X.

Journalist Collin Rugg said he was glad to see X users canceling their Disney+ subscriptions.

“Good. Stop giving money to people who hate you and hate free speech,” he said over the people “rallying behind Elon.”

CEO of PublicSq, Michael Siefert, said, “The only way out is through” while encouraging people to use “the power all of us have in our wallets.”

Others pointed out that to them, the Disney boycott was nothing new.

Conservative personality Mindy Robinson acted confused, saying, “I honestly thought we were already boycotting Disney for firing Gina Carano, ruing every new movie by being woke, and employing a suspicious amount of pedophiles.”

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