Donald Trump’s campaign is hitting the panic button after this Democrat judge took the first step to banning him from the 2024 ballot

Oct 30, 2023

Democrats are doing everything they can to torpedo Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

They know that it’s the only chance they have with Joe Biden as their nominee.

And now Donald Trump’s campaign is hitting the panic button after this Democrat judge took the first step to banning him from the 2024 ballot.

Trump is in trouble

Late last week, a Democrat-appointed judge in Colorado delivered a major blow to former President Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential campaign.

Trump’s legal team had filed a motion to throw out a lawsuit seeking to block him from appearing on the ballot in Colorado. Still, Judge Sarah Wallace, who was appointed to the bench by Colorado Democrat Governor Jared Polis earlier this year, rejected the motion, allowing the suit to move forward.

The lawsuit was brought by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a group run by Democrat strategist David Brock, who also happens to run noted woke extremist propaganda groups such as Media Matters for America and American Bridge 21st Century.

Despite portraying itself as “nonpartisan,” many critics have pointed out that CREW is very openly waging a “partisan vendetta against conservatives and Republicans.”

In denying Trump and the Colorado GOP’s motions, the Colorado court did not rule on the merits of the case,” Breitbart reported. “Trump still has one additional motion pending to throw out the case.”

“If that motion fails, the trial is expected to begin October 30 with Wallace presiding,” the report added.

As Breitbart also noted, the lawsuit seeking to ban Trump from appearing on the ballot in Colorado’s 2024 election is one of many Democrats across the country have filed against him

These lawsuits cite the 14th Amendment, which was ratified in response to the Civil War, as the basis for the former President not being eligible to appear on the ballot, as it bans those who “engaged in insurrection” from holding public office.

Of course, Democrats have yet to prove Trump in any way engaged in an insurrection, despite their efforts to claim he somehow orchestrated some super elaborate and organized plan to overthrow the entire U.S. government.

In fact, they’ve yet to even present a single shred of evidence to back up such claims – they typically just stick to yelling that he did it – and the U.S. Senate has already acquitted him of such charges.

A further assault on free speech

Nevertheless, despite the fact that Wallace’s decision to allow the suit to move forward was in no way a ruling on the merits of the case, Democrats and their media allies are undoubtedly holding it up as if it somehow serves as “proof” of their claims against Trump.

And with the Judge not simply throwing out the ridiculous case, it opens the door for Democrats to continue moving forward not only with their effort to keep him off the ballot in Colorado but also in other states.

For his part, Trump’s motion made the case that “his actions on January 6 were on ‘public issues’ and therefore protected by free speech rights under the First Amendment to the Constitution,” according to Breitbart.

“In her opinion, Wallace said that a Colorado free speech law did not [offer such protections] in this case,” Breitbart added.

The former President’s legal team took aim at the Judge for allowing the case to proceed and declared that they were ready to fight it all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

“[Wallace] is going against the clear weight of legal authority. We are confident the rule of law will prevail, and this decision will be reversed – whether at the Colorado Supreme Court or at the U.S. Supreme Court.

“To keep the leading candidate for President of the United States off the ballot is simply wrong and un-American.”

But all is not lost, as Trump does still have one motion pending that could ultimately have the case thrown out.

Regardless, Democrats are doing everything they can to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in 2024, and Republicans would be very naive not to start coming up with a backup plan.

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