Drew Carey revealed this dirty secret about contestants on The Price is Right

Jul 2, 2024

The Price is Right brings contestants on down to compete for prizes.

But everything isn’t as it seems on the long-running game show.

And Drew Carey revealed this dirty secret about contestants on The Price is Right.

Drew Carey says some of the contestants aren’t sober on his game show

The Price is Right is the longest-running game show in TV history, debuting in 1972.

Members of the studio audience wait to hear the show’s famous catchphrase “Come on down!” when they’re selected as contestants.

Comedian Drew Carey took over as the host of The Price is Right from the late, great Bob Barker in 2007.

He spilled the beans about some of the game show’s secrets during an interview with TV Insider.

Carey revealed that some of the contestants imbibe “liquid courage” before the show.

“That happens here all the time,” Carey said.

He’s seen it all during his time hosting the show.

“They’ll have a gummy or I’ll smell alcohol on their breath,” Carey said. “Not unusual.”

Carey said that one contestant even used hallucinogenic mushrooms not expecting to be called.

“He came with a bunch of friends. He was a sketch [comedy] guy,” Carey recalled. “I found out later when I went to UCB [sketch improv group Upright Citizens Brigade] to hang out and they were like, ‘Did you see that guy who claimed to be a skateboarding rabbi?’ I asked him what he did for a living. And he goes, ‘I’m a skateboarding rabbi.’ He didn’t think he was going to get picked, and he totally tripped.”

Price is Right audience represents America

The comedian said that his favorite part of hosting the show was getting to meet so many average Americans.

“That’s a favorite part of the show,” Carey explained. “They’re normal people that live normal lives. This is average America right here. There are no CEOs, ultra-rich upper management. They don’t come to The Price Is Right. These are middle class, working class. Every religion.”

The contestants on the show come from all walks of life to compete for prizes.

It’s a cross-section of America,” Carey said. “Regular people are more interesting than celebrities. Honestly. They’ve all had their own problems to overcome and their own demons, to get their own special lives. I learn more from them than I do from anybody.”

The retirement of long-time Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak makes Carey the dean of TV game show hosts.

Carey said that he wants to keep going as long as possible.

“I do have a goal: I want to keep going until I die,” Carey remarked. “This is my 18th season. I’ve got to get the 35 and 41 so I can catch Bob Barker and Pat Sajak.”

But he never thought that he would make it so long as the host.

“Before, I was like, ‘Can I make it to five years? Can I make it to the end of my contract? Can I make it 10 years?’ The longest I’d been on TV was The Drew Carey Show, nine years. Once I hit 10 years here, I was like, ‘Wow, that’s the longest I’ve ever had a job in my life. It’s such– just a great part of my day, my year, my life. I can’t imagine giving it up,” Carey stated.

Drew Carey is now the longest-serving TV game show host and if he gets his way he’ll be on The Price is Right for years to come.

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