Drivers gave Joe Biden some bad news about electric vehicles that sent him into a rage

Jul 11, 2024

Joe Biden wants every driver in America behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

But the public has other ideas about being forced into Bidenmobiles.

And drivers gave Joe Biden some bad news about electric vehicles that sent him into a rage. 

The charge is running out on Joe Biden’s electric vehicle revolution 

President Joe Biden has moved heaven and earth to try to get Americans to switch to electric vehicles.

He’s dangling a $7,500 tax credit to lease or buy one.

And funneled tens of billions of dollars to automakers in subsidies to produce them.

But demand for electric vehicles is weakening and the industry is in turmoil.

A report from Fast Company found that the electric vehicle revolution is stalling due to price and a lack of charging infrastructure.

The average price of an electric vehicle is about $68,000 – still out of reach for most drivers even with Biden’s tax credit.

Tariffs have kept cheaper Chinese electric vehicles from entering the American market.

Chinese models could be the only chance for consumers to get an affordable electric vehicle because the country controls the supply chains. 

Carmoola founder and CEO Aidan Rushby said that electric vehicles are running into a number of hurdles. 

“EVs often get a rough ride, and sometimes with good reason, such as the issue of levies on Chinese-imported cars and the regular unavailability of chargers,” Rushby said. “Additionally, the industry faces broader issues such as supply chain disruptions and varying global regulations that could impact EV availability and pricing.”

The problems associated with owning them are causing drivers to stick with traditional gas-powered vehicles. 

A study from McKinsey & Company found that about half of electric vehicles want to switch back to gas with their next vehicle purchase. 

Public charging stations have been a disaster for Bidenmobile drivers

A study from Harvard Business School found that one in five public charging stations are broken.

Harvard scholar Omar Asensio explained the nightmare facing electric vehicle owners.

“Imagine if you go to a traditional gas station and two out of 10 times the pumps are out of order,” Asensio said. “Consumers would revolt.”

Asensio said that many of the stations aren’t maintained. 

Not only do public charging stations not work, there’s enough of them.

The Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center estimated that there are more than 64,000 public charging stations in the country. 

EVAdoption CEO Loren McDonald estimated that the country will need 2.8 million public charging stations to satisfy the number of electric vehicles the Biden administration wants on the road by 2030.

The Biden administration allocated $7.5 billion in the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill for public charging stations as part of its goal to build 500,000 by 2030.

Six have been built so far with the money almost three years later.

A lack of public charging stations means that with electric vehicles’ limited range, they’re little more than novelty items to run short errands in.

Joe Biden’s scheme to transition the country to drive nothing but inefficient Bidenmobiles is fizzling out as their problems continue to pile up.

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