Even interviewing a sitting US President is not enough to get people to watch Seth Myers

Mar 5, 2024

Apparently, Joe Biden doesn’t draw an audience.

But it might not be Joe Biden’s fault because Seth Myers isn’t exactly drawing much of an audience either.

It turns out that even interviewing a sitting US President is not enough to get people to watch Seth Myers.

Joe Biden and Seth Myers try to save each other

Former President Donald Trump packs venues at his rallies with enthusiastic supporters excited to hear him speak.

Meanwhile, incumbent President Joe Biden is ignored by his own party members and can’t even find anyone to help him off stage.

Meanwhile, Seth Myers’ late-night show on network television has been consistently defeated by Greg Gutfeld’s comedy show on a cable news channel.

But for some reason, the metropolitan elites who run NBC and the Biden campaign thought it would be mutually beneficial to get Myers and Biden together on national television.

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t.

Biden forgets again

Following Biden’s own Justice Department’s ruling saying the President is too old and has too poor of memory to stand trial, POTUS’ campaign team was looking for a way to show voters the incumbent has four more good years left in him.

Enter Seth Myers offering up a cupcake interview to make Biden look good.

As you can see in the above clip from the show, while trying to make the point that Trump’s ideas and policies are far older than Biden’s, the President completely lost his train of thought and ended with his standby verbal crutch, “anyway.”

At least he didn’t throw out his patented “you know the thing.”

Not exactly the defense of the President’s senility his campaign team and the White House administration were hoping for.

But they weren’t the only ones who left the episode disappointed.

The ratings are in . . .

NBC and Myers didn’t get the ratings bump they thought would come from interviewing the sitting commander-in-chief.

Myers’ ratings have been down about 10% all year long.

According to Neilson, his Biden interview only drew about 850,000 viewers.

Making matters worse, only about 180,000 viewers in the coveted 25-54 age range demo tuned in to the show.

That’s a 32% drop from the number his show brought in on the same day last year – representing a far steeper decline than just an average episode of Late Night with Seth Myers.

A game of softball

The mental lapses and low ratings didn’t stop Big Media from trying to pass the segment off as a giant success.

The View’s Joy Behar thought the fact that the left-wing studio audience applauded the President was a good sign for his re-election prospects.

She must have forgotten that Myers’ audience has the same “applause” sign that the audience at The View tapings obey.

The truth is, Myers asked only softball questions.

When not taking potshots at Trump, Biden and Myers discussed issues like Taylor Swift, ice cream, and sunglasses.

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