Explosive recording released by Kari Lake just effectively ended this politician’s career

Feb 20, 2024

Politics can be a cutthroat business, and too often, it is corrupted by big money.

But it is great when there are some outsiders who can’t be bought.

Kari Lake decided to fight back and released proof that this establishment hack tried to buy her off.

Mysterious political powers “back east” exposed in bombshell recording

Americans have been growing increasingly concerned with the corruption of lawmakers and political groups in Washington, D.C.

The release of files related to Jeffrey Epstein earlier this month quickly became one of the hottest topics on social media, with people pointing to his connections with powerful politicians.

But now Kari Lake has added to the fire by releasing audio recordings of a conversation with the leader of the Arizona Republican Party.

In the tape that was recorded in March of last year, GOP Chair Jeff DeWit sought to convince Lake to walk away from her latest political campaign.

DeWit offered Lake a bribe and a threat of dire consequences from unnamed sources “back east.”

According to the audio published first by The Daily Mail, DeWit told Lake that “there are very powerful people who want to keep [her] out” of politics.

Lake says that her political career is a “hill worth dying on”

Lake pushed back on the idea of walking away from her campaign for U.S. Senate, saying that it’s “not about money, it’s about our country.”

The former news anchor turned political influencer said she wouldn’t even accept “a billion” to back out of politics.

“I don’t want to make a deal with these kinds of people,” she said, adding that it is a “hill worth dying on.”

Lake is ardently opposed to the “globalist agenda” that she believes these people are trying to push on her state of Arizona and the country at large.

“I owe it to the people of Arizona to carry their torch and their voice,” she told DeWit in the conversation.

The candidate for the U.S. Senate said that if they want her out of politics, these people “back east” are going to have to kill her.

DeWit pushed back on Lake after she released the audio, calling it “edited.” But his denial didn’t last long.

“Now we can focus on getting ethical leadership and win big in 2024.”

DeWit insisted that he was simply “looking out for her financial interests” when telling Lake that she should take the bribe and back out of politics.

However, Lake made a threat that forced him to take a major step to protect himself from more revelations.

“This morning, I was determined to fight for my position…a few hours ago, I received an ultimatum from Lake’s team: resign or face the release of a new, more damaging recording,” DeWit explained.

“I am truly unsure of its contents, but considering our numerous past open conversations as friends, I have decided to not take the risk,” he continued in his statement.

DeWit then issued his resignation to the Arizona Republican Party.

Lake’s team issued a statement praising the Senate candidate for her “ethical” stance against the corruption in American politics.

“The Arizona GOP must be relieved to have his resignation. Now we can focus on getting ethical leadership and win big in 2024,” they said.

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