Famous LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne just destroyed her haters after these pictures began circulating online

Mar 15, 2024

Olivia Dunne is a stunningly pretty and talented gymnast at LSU.

She has parlayed her looks and gymnastic talents into a profitable modeling career, but haters are going to hate.

And Olivia Dunne just shut down her online haters after these pictures began circulating online.

There are too many joy suckers in our society

There are always people who are quick to push their views on how people should live their lives, especially if you are exceptionally good-looking.

Many of these fun hating joy suckers seem hell bent on trying to destroy the lives they really dislike.

We all know those people.

They were the ones in school ratting out other students for just having fun.

These soulless joy suckers are the ones who manage the human resource department at your job who don’t find the humor in a harmless joke.

And you know that most of the people in the political correctness crowd are the joy suckers with nothing else better to do with their lives.

So when you face these people, you need to destroy them.

And thankfully for us, Olivia Dunne did just that.

Olivia Dunne makes sure one troll never comes back

Olivia Dunne is a world-class gymnast for LSU.

But her real name to fame is her rise to stardom as a social media influencer.

In the past couple of years, Olivia has been able to gather a massive following on social media, with over five million followers on Instagram alone.

Some speculate that her net worth is over six million dollars.

And let’s be honest, her massive following isn’t from her being an Einstein or funny.

Olivia is one of the biggest names in the influencer industry because of her looks.

Needless to say, that her following is heavily skewed by the boys.

And loves to show off what God gave her on social media.

Nearly every day, she posts a picture showing off her good looks for her followers to admire.

But one recent post caught the attention of one of the joy suckers.

Olivia, like nearly every other college student at an SEC school, has been enjoying herself on a spring break vacation.

Olivia did what she did best, and she dropped some bikini pictures of herself soaking up the sun while on vacation.

Her photos caught the internet by storm as they garnered over 590,000 likes.

But of course, the joy suckers are going to try and ruin this fun for us all.

Some dude living in his mom’s basement replied to the picture, “You do realize you can wear clothes and still be beautiful.”

Bet you this person is the life of a party.

But Olivia wasn’t going to let the comment sit as she clapped back, “You do realize it’s spring break, and I’m in college.”

If you don’t want to see her pictures, then don’t look at them.

But don’t comment on her pictures telling her to put on clothes after we all know you stared at these pictures for way too long.

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