Fans freak out after Vanna White goes missing from Wheel of Fortune

Oct 16, 2023

Wheel fans were saddened to learn of longtime host Pat Sajak’s departure.

And the rumors began to run rampant that co-host Vanna White might be next.

That’s why fans freaked out after Vanna White went missing from Wheel of Fortune.

The announcement earlier this year that Pat Sajak would be leaving the hugely popular Wheel of Fortune sent a panic through loyal fans of the game show.

Will Vanna go too?

And it wasn’t long after Sajak’s announcement that fans started wondering what would become of the lovely letter-turner and co-host, Vanna White.

After it was announced Ryan Seacrest would be taking Sajak’s place, the concern mounted that Seacrest wouldn’t bring White back either so he could mold the show to his liking.

Then, recently, the pop culture outlet Decider reported that White, 66, would miss some episodes of the pre-taped show this season.

Fans erupted with concern and questions about the fate of Vanna White going forward.

And it only got worse after White confirmed she would be away from Wheel of Fortune for at least a week.

Was this it?

Was White being replaced?

Fans were furiously trying to gather information and find out what was going on and if the long-running show would be losing both Sajak and White.

Sajak spills the beans

Finally, at the opening of a recent show, Sajak told fans why White would be absent.

It turns out White had tested positive for COVID, host Pat Sajak told his audience.

Seemingly responding to concerned fans, Sajak said he shared their concern, “I can’t even find my mark without her,” Sajak joked about his longtime co-host.

He then continued, “You’ll notice Vanna is not here, and I have to say that Ms. White has tested positive for COVID. That’s the bad news.”

“The good news is, I talked to her just a little while ago, and she feels fine,” Sajak reported.

“She had a little sniffle, but she tested positive. And that’s the way it goes.”

White was replaced that night on the show by the 2023 California teacher of the year, Bridgette Donald-Blue.

While concerned for Vanna White’s health, there was almost an audible sigh of relief from Wheel fans.

It wasn’t the loss they had feared.

Good cause for concern

But there was good cause for the fans’ concerns.

First, rumors have continued to circulate that White will be joining Sajak in retirement.

This was especially worrisome when news of White’s issues with her pay came up.

Her last raise was in 2005

And second, as reported by Decider, White has only missed work four times in her four decades of co-hosting the hit game show alongside Sajak.

White first appeared as a guest hostess on Wheel in October 1982, but she was offered the job permanently by the end of that year.

White’s latest absence comes as her time as Sajak’s co-host on the show is winding down as Sajak’s retirement looms.

But there is now more good news.

White has finally secured a pay raise, and Seacrest has announced White will be back for the foreseeable future.

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