Ford was hit with one scary accusation in the worst electric vehicle scandal imaginable

May 15, 2024

Electric vehicles have a dark side that their supporters never wanted to be made public.

But it bubbled to the surface during a nasty internal fight.

And Ford was hit with one scary accusation in the worst electric vehicle scandal.

Ford shuts down an attempt to expose child slave labor used to make electric vehicles

Democrats like to believe that driving an electric vehicle is a moral decision to save the planet from climate change.

But they stick their heads in the sand about how that vehicle made it into their driveways.

Shareholders of Ford stock tried to expose one of the dark secrets about the production of electric vehicles.

The National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) made a proposal at the annual Ford shareholder meeting that the automaker generate a report for investors about the use of child labor overseas in their electric vehicle supply chain.

Cobalt from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) used to produce electric vehicle batteries often comes from child workers who are forced to work in mines.

More than 70% of the world’s cobalt supply is in the DRC and children as young as five are forced into dangerous mine work.

President Joe Biden’s electric vehicle agenda is sending more of the DRC’s children into mines to produce batteries.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health fellow Siddharth Kara told NPR that the situation in the DRC is a “horror show.”

“You have to imagine walking around some of these mining areas and dialing back our clock centuries,” Kara said. “People are working in subhuman, grinding, degrading conditions.”

He warned that the transition to electric vehicles shouldn’t be built on the backs of the Congolese. 

“We shouldn’t be transitioning to the use of electric vehicles at the cost of the people and environment of one of the most downtrodden and impoverished corners of the world,” Kara added. “The bottom of the supply chain, where almost all the world’s cobalt is coming from, is a horror show.”

Ford shoots down proposal to expose child labor in the electric vehicle supply chain

Ford’s shareholders overwhelmingly rejected the proposal to expose child labor in the electric vehicle supply chain.

“Ford refuses to disclose if it sources cobalt for its EVs from the DRC, where it’s effectively impossible to get a sizeable amount of cobalt without relying on child or forced labor,” NCPPR Free Enterprise Project fellow Ethan Peck told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Peck explained that Ford’s electric vehicle division – which loses more than $100,000 per vehicle – isn’t about making a profit or helping the environment.

“Ford’s production of and plans for EVs — which are not profitable or environmentally beneficial — are unnecessarily costing shareholders, and likely at the expense of the well-being and safety of children in the DRC, only because it’s politically fashionable and beneficial to the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] to substitute fossil fuel generated energy for fossil fuel-generated energy stored in batteries made of minerals,” Peck added.

Ford claimed that the company doesn’t use child labor in its supply chain and alleged that it had processes to ensure that it didn’t happen.

But the majority of the world’s cobalt comes from the DRC and is untraceable once it goes to a processing facility.

The electric vehicle revolution is creating a nightmare of child slavery and exploitation so Democrats can feel good about themselves.

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