Freud’s Last Session is absolute waste of Anthony Hopkins’ talent and an attack on Christendom

Jan 26, 2024

Anthony Hopkins is one of the most renowned and awarded actors in all of entertainment.

Moviegoers are virtually always ready to give him the benefit of the down whenever any of his handpicked movies hit the theaters.

While Sir Hopkins is back with Freud’s Last Session, it was unfortunately nothing more than a thinly-veiled attack against Christians.

Sigmund Freud meets C.S. Lewis?

Sigmund Freud is the father of psychoanalysis.

He’s most known for his most controversial theories – like this Oedipus theory that all boys want to sleep with their mothers and kill their fathers – which have largely been debunked.

However, most of Freud’s findings still constitute the basics of psychology today.

C.S. Lewis, on the other hand, is most remembered for the fantasy world in which he created the Chronicles of Narnia.

But Lewis also authored several works in defense of Christianity that are still today considered definitive readings for understanding religion and God.

Freud’s Last Session depicts a hypothetical meeting where the two great minds dance around a theological debate over the existence of God.

It’s a fascinating concept that could have taken viewers on a deep ride, driven by one of the best actors of a generation.

But can Hollywood be trusted to handle such a delicate subject evenhandedly?

A good-faith debate on religion?

No, of course not.

Director and screenwriter Matt Brown paints the picture of a one-sided debate, in which Christianity isn’t even given a chance.

Throughout the hour and 48-minute running time, Freud – played by Hopkins – dives into long, anti-Christian rants, with Lewis only rebutting with, “I disagree.”

Freud often will pose important questions to Lewis about the potential existence of God.

However, before Lewis – played by The Imitation Game’s Matthew Goode – gets a chance to answer, he’s almost always interrupted.

The fictional meeting is set in London on the brink of World War II – in fact, at one point, the debate is temporarily moved to a bomb shelter.

The movie uses that little plot point to avoid Lewis giving the case for Christianity.

He’s always cut off by a siren, or a breaking news bulletin on the radio, or a phone call.

Aside from the occasional Bible verse – which are always laughed off by Freud – the film also uses flashbacks and interruptions from Freud to keep Lewis silent on the word of God.

Meanwhile, Freud gets never-ending digs against Lewis and his belief system.

He describes Lewis (an Oxford Professor and author) as a “Christian apologist with a lot to apologize for.”

He likens believing in God to a “fairytale of faith.”

He insults church statues and art as “studying cave paintings.”

And he compares Christian believers to his “lunatic” patients.

While Freud’s Last Session certainly makes Lewis infinitely more likable than Freud, they also make the author and Christian scholar the clear loser of the debate.

But wait, there’s more woke . . .

But don’t worry, the woke propaganda in Freud’s Last Session doesn’t end with Christian-bashing.

The movie spends a great deal of time focusing on Freud’s daughter, Anna.

While the real-life Anna Freud vehemently denied having sexual relations with other women – the movie depicts her as a lesbian who is forced to hide her one true love due to living in such a closed-minded society.

Furthermore, Brown’s picture feels the need to make a statement about the dreaded “patriarchy.”

In the movie, Freud is in very poor health and instructs Anna to substitute for him in his lectures.

When students, who were expecting the world-renowned Dr. Sigmund Freud, were disappointed by the last-minute replacement, Anna turned up her nose.

And, of course, it’s only seconds later she proves she’s the smartest person in the room full of men.

The movie – which takes many factual liberties throughout – also seems to insinuate that Freud took sexual liberties with Anna.

Somehow, in a film about two minds that have shaped both society and mankind as a whole – they made the daughter the heroine.

For all of those reasons, we rate Freud’s Last Session as very woke.

What might have been . . .

And all of this was by choice.

At the end of the movie, it’s revealed that while Freud did meet with someone from Oxford – where Lewis was a professor – in his dying days, there is no record of Freud and Lewis ever meeting.

The entire movie is hypothetical.

That means speculation about Anna’s sexuality, the assumption she was held back by patriarchy, rumors about an odd relationship Freud may have had, and the insinuation of incest all could have been left on the cutting room floor.

And the movie could have provided an interesting, nuanced debate about the existence of God.

Instead, Freud’s Last Session is little more than a heavy-handed attack on Christianity and makes one of the religion’s best mouthpieces look like a church mouse.

That’s why our team rates this movie as Too Woke to Watch.

It’s a shame to waste such stellar performances from Hopkins and Goode.

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