Future Wheel of Fortune host Ryan Seacrest says he wants Vanna White to stay despite this elephant in the room

Sep 21, 2023

Big changes are coming to the hit game show Wheel of Fortune now that longtime host Pat Sajak has announced his retirement.

And all eyes are on Vanna White to see what her next move will be.

But future Wheel of Fortune host Ryan Seacrest said he hopes Vanna White will stay despite this elephant in the room.

Longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak is retiring after the current season and will be replaced by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

What will Vanna do?

And ever since Sajak announced his retirement, fans have been nervously waiting to find out if co-host and letter-turner extraordinaire Vanna White will follow Sajak into retirement.

While Seacrest has already been announced as Sajak’s replacement after the current season of Wheel of Fortune, the show’s longtime co-host, Vanna White, has been quiet about her own future on the show.

And with rumors swirling of a difficult contract dispute between White and the show’s executives, Seacrest is admitting it’s unclear if White will continue on the show next season.

Seacrest recently spoke at a conference While speaking at a Fortune magazine conference, and he briefly spoke about his upcoming gig on Wheel of Fortune.

Toward the end of his comments about the upcoming revamped Wheel of Fortune, he was asked, “Are you going to keep Vanna White?”

“Well, so I am going to . . .” he began before trying to change the subject by saying, “I’m fortunate enough to take over for the legendary Pat Sajak.”

“I love Vanna White”

He continued, “Next year, which I am so . . . My energy’s gonna go up, sir, on that. I’m telling you. I have been the biggest fan of that show forever.”

“I love Vanna White. I’ve known Vanna for a long time. We sat in important places next to each other. And I hope for nothing more than to be able to walk out on that stage and host with her.”

Seacrest didn’t elaborate any further than that, but his comments were of great interest to fans of the show.

And especially notable to those fans who have been closely following the uncertainty surrounding White’s future on Wheel of Fortune.

After Sajak announced his retirement earlier this year, the show’s loyal viewers became concerned about the possibility of White retiring with him.

Then, in June, news reports began circulating that White did, in fact, want to stay on the show but that she was requesting a significant pay raise.

And according to People, White has been in negotiations to renew her contract to continue co-hosting Wheel of Fortune ever since.

After being a co-host alongside Sajak for more than four decades now, White requested a pay raise in her new deal.

She says her last pay raise was nearly 20 years ago, and reports are that while Sajak was pulling down as much as $15 million per year, White only earns $3 million annually.

All in the family?

Seacrest doesn’t know for sure if Vanna White will join him next year in his first season of hosting the iconic game show, but already some fans are talking about a possible replacement.

Some of the show’s most loyal fans have made it clear they are pushing for Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie, to take Vanna’s place.

And that isn’t just a wild guess.

Maggie has been a familiar face on Wheel of Fortune for a few years already.

She has served as the show’s social media correspondent and has helped with marketing.

Maggie also took White’s place for an episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune earlier this year when White was a competitor alongside Jeopardy!

Hosts Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik.

She certainly has the family pedigree, but can she turn letters as elegantly as Vanna White?

To many fans of the show, White is simply irreplaceable.

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