Garth Brooks just turned his back on his most hardcore fans with this move

Mar 15, 2024

Many country artists have used their fame to push side businesses, be it whisky or a new clothing line.

But one of the popular side businesses are restaurants and bars where fans can gather.

But Garth Brooks just turned his back on his most hardcore fans with this move at his signature bar.

Garth Brooks just double-downed on serving Bud Light at his bar

In April of 2023, Bud Light went from America’s top beer brand to America’s most controversial beer brand.

After sending personalized beer cans to controversial transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney just days after the horrific Nashville shooting, Bud Light received intense backlash from the likes of Kid Rock and other prominent figures.

Ever since, Bud Light has failed to regain its former glory, and many bars still do not serve Bud Light, costing the prolific beer brand billions in lost sales, not to mention a tarnished reputation.

However, country music legend Garth Brooks made it very clear that his bars will keep serving Bud Light regardless of its popularity.

Brooks’ new bar, named “Friends in Low Places” after his hit song, opened on Broadway in downtown Nashville on March 7.

At the opening ceremony, Brooks spoke to Fox News Digital, explaining his decision to sell Bud Light despite its controversies.

Per Garth Brooks, his decision to serve Bud Light comes down to one question, “How do you want to be treated?”

He added, “The good people and the people that might have a hard time being that today. I totally believe in people. So, if you have another day where you want to try it, and it doesn’t turn out so good, come on back.”

Last year, Garth Brooks made similar comments after he announced that Bud Light would be served at his bars, as other bars across Nashville started to pull the popular brand from their beer menus.

In 2023, Garth Brooks claimed, “I want it to be a place you feel safe in, I want it to be a place where you feel like there are manners and people like one another,” adding, “If you [are let] into this house, love one another. If you’re an a–hole, there are plenty of other places on lower Broadway.”

Why millions of Americans are still refusing to buy Bud Light

Even a year out from Bud Light’s fall from grace, many American beer drinkers refuse to purchase Bud Light.

This boycott demonstrates the danger of dabbling in controversial issues like transgenderism, especially for widely enjoyed brands like Bud Light.

Most marketing experts agree that major brands should avoid controversial issues, and should stick to themes that everybody can get behind.

Alienating large parts of their consumer base does little to nothing to help them and only serves to hurt them.

As it stands, Bud Light has a long way to go if they hope to regain their former glory, which may not happen any time soon.

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