Glenn Beck is launching a new project aimed at winning the culture wars in America

Sep 29, 2023

It’s getting more and more difficult to find anything worth watching at the cinema these days.

Hollywood executives seem more concerned with checking social justice checkboxes than they are with producing compelling stories.

But now Glenn Beck is launching a new project to change that sad reality – and possibly win the culture wars in the process.

Is Hollywood learning its lesson?

Since the government was gracious enough to allow theaters to reopen after the supposed “two weeks to flatten the curve” that turned into two years of pandemic restrictions, things haven’t been going so well for the big Hollywood studios.

Expected blockbuster after expected blockbuster pushing left-wing propaganda has resulted in bust after bust at the box office.

From all of the Disney remakes, like Peter Pan and Wendy and the Little Mermaid, to Pixar flicks aimed at children like Elementals, to modernity Marvel movies like Ant-Man 3, to a gay Dumbledor in the final Fantastic Beasts film and Ezra Miller’s The Flash – it’s been one flop after the other from the Hollywood elites.

However, some movies are breaking through.

Non-woke movies like Tom Cruise’s Top Gun Maverick, Chris Pratt’s Super Mario Brothers, and Chris Pine’s surprise hit Dungeons and Dragons all exceeded expectations and turned into bonafide hits.

And the anti-human trafficking independent movie Sound of Freedom enraged the radical Left as it surged past woke movies like the Indiana Jones reboot at the box office.

And now, Blaze founder Glenn Beck has a project in mind to keep the movie momentum going.

Could Glenn Beck be the next great media mogul?

For decades, the Right ignored entertainment and pop culture.

Conservatives let the far-left dominate music, movies, television, comics, and even video games.

The results were devastating, with extensive media brainwashing an entire generation.

But radio talk show host and podcaster Glenn Beck is launching a project aimed at changing that reality.

Beck sat down with the Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan for an interview on Klavan’s podcast.

The two had a conversation about the long-time lack of conservatives in pop culture.

However, Beck is vowing to change that fact.

“I’m working on some things with a few movie studios and schools and local theaters to help grow the next generation [of storytellers],” Beck told Klavan.

“I firmly believe we have to stop going to the barrel and instead go to the tree to pick the apples.”

Beck has plans for The Blaze to be a big player in the movie space moving forward.

And it all starts with an internship program he’s launching.

“This could be, in the end, if we’re able to unlock it, this could be the best thing or the most important thing I may have contributed in my life,” Beck said.

“I believe that the best way to learn is to not go to school but to go to really bright people. You can learn by doing it . . . I think that is where we need to go.”

According to Beck, The Blaze is finally in a position to move the needle with conservative movies.

“We’re just starting to get to the place where we have the assets, the money, the distribution access . . . to be able to make good, quality movies,” Beck said.

“One of the breakthroughs was ‘The Chosen.’ That thing was so well done. It doesn’t feel like a conservative movie typically feels.”

Earlier this year, The Blaze made its debut in the scripted space with its spoof movie Reopening.

Will The Blaze be the next Daily Wire?

Klavan was the perfect person to conduct the interview with Beck.

The Daily Wire host is a respected fiction author whose work imparts conservative morals and messages to readers.

Meanwhile, the Daily Wire has seen success with its own feature-length offerings.

And not just renowned documentaries like What is a Woman, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, Fauci Unmasked, and their new hit Convicting a Murderer.

Ben Shapiro’s company has experienced success with Gina Carrano’s Terror on the Prairie, Carly Elwes’ The Hyperions, Vincent Gallo’s Shut In, and the acclaimed Run Hide Fight.

Time will tell if Beck and his Blaze can mirror or even surpass the solid results the Daily Wire has enjoyed.

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