Glenn Beck is not going to let these RINOs off the hook for voting for this Deep State power grab

Dec 21, 2023

We just got more proof that there are just as many Republicans committed to perpetuating the Deep State as Democrats.

Recently, 147 RINOs joined the Ds in continuing one of the Deep States’ best tools to perpetuate itself.

And Glenn Beck made it clear he is not going to let these “Republicans” off the hook for their betrayal.

A 15-year assault on liberty

Back in 2008, the ruling class elites in Washington, D.C. passed the FISA Amendments Act, a so-called “update” of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 that was, in reality, a major unconstitutional power grab by the Deep State that now allows the federal government to illegally spy on law-abiding Americans without a warrant by pretending they’re fighting “terrorism.”

Yet, despite the fact that it is a clear-cut, indisputable violation of every human’s natural right to privacy – much less the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – and the fact that individuals, like hero whistleblower Edward Snowden, have repeatedly exposed the blatantly illegal ways in which the Deep State is using it to engage in an authoritarian assault on freedom and liberty, Republican and Democrat ruling class elites have dutifully stepped up to the plate every four years to reauthorize this monstrosity, no questions asked.

This time around, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) – who is one of the very few Members of Congress from either Party to have consistently stood against such warrantless mass surveillance of Americans – once again attempted to take a stand against the scheme.

With the help of a small group of fellow freedom fighters, like Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Rep. Massie led the charge to demand that the ruling class elites at least reform Section 702 of the FISA Act, which is the provision of the act the Deep State has used to somehow justify their unconstitutional warrantless surveillance of innocent Americans.

As a result of his efforts, the House Judiciary Committee – which Jordan leads and Massie is a member of – proposed a bill that would reform Section 702 by specifically mandating that the Deep State must obtain a warrant to surveil American citizens, as the 4th Amendment already explicitly states.

Quite frankly, whether you support Massie’s efforts should be the easiest, slam dunk, no-brainer for anyone who claims to believe in freedom, liberty, limited government, and the Constitution.

Republicans and Democrats shred the Constitution once again

But to the surprise of no one who has paid attention, 147 Republicans joined with 163 Democrats to reauthorize Section 702 of the FISA Act without any reforms whatsoever.

As Rep. Massie reiterated during a post-vote interview on The Glenn Beck Radio Program, this vote comes in spite of the fact that members of the Deep State themselves have fully admitted that Section 702 has been “used illegally to invade Americans’ privacy hundreds of thousands of times” to date.

And that’s just what they’ll admit to – imagine how much worse it actually is.

Massie explained to Beck that when the reauthorization of Section 702 comes up for a vote, Deep State hacks descend on the Capitol to bring Members of Congress into a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) – which is a small, secure, sound-proof, and windowless room in which classified information is shared – and scare them into voting for reauthorization without reforms by essentially declaring that the world will end unless they do so.

“Well, Glenn, they put you in a SCIF here,” Massie explained.

“One of these secret rooms without your phone, and they try to convince you the world’s gonna end if you don’t allow them to reauthorize this. But that’s a false choice. We passed a reform to this that would require the government to get a warrant out of Jim Jordan’s Judiciary Committee, another commission [Texas Republican Rep.] Chip Roy and I sit on, and the Speaker [Mike Johnson (R-LA)] instead of bring it to the floor as a standalone bill, brought this horrible thing as you said in your intro, we already know they’ve admitted they’ve used it illegally 250,000 times on Americans.”

But Beck believed Massie was being too kind to those who voted in favor of the illegal surveillance of Americans by suggesting they were merely tricked by a false choice.

“I’m sorry, but I’m sorry, Thomas, I don’t mean to – I’m probably as mad as you are, but you’re being much too kind,” Beck interrupted. “I’m sorry, if you’re in Congress and you’ve fallen into that trap which has been used over and over and over again by both sides, you’re a moron and not smart enough to be in Washington, D.C. Sorry.”

“It’s Lucy and a football for some of us who have seen it about three times because this program comes up for reauthorization every four years or so, but you’re right,” he added.”

They use the same tricks over and over and in the classified rooms, they give you examples of how this program’s been used to stop terrorists, but they don’t give you examples on how this is used to spy on Americans without a warrant has ever been used to help stop a terrorist.”

No liberty or security

Beck fumed at those who claim the government needs an ever-increasing amount of power and control over Americans to fight terrorism somehow. At the same time, they simultaneously sit on their hands as America’s borders are wide open.

“You cannot have it both ways!” Beck raged. “You can’t say we have to have this tool because terrorist attacks are going to happen, but we’re letting 5,000 people in every day! You can’t have it both ways!”

Every American – regardless of political affiliation – who claims to believe in freedom and liberty should be just as furious as Glenn Beck over this utter assault on every human’s God-given, natural right to privacy.

But such assaults continue to happen and are getting worse by the day, specifically because most Americans – whether they’ll admit it or not – continue to give up liberty in exchange for the ruling class’s promises of perceived security.

And in reality, Americans are being left with neither liberty nor security.

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