Google just made a major change that MAGA supporters need to be aware of

Jan 17, 2024

If you read George Orwell’s 1984, you know the people who control the information control everything.

And unfortunately, it looks like Google is ready to put that into practice against the American people to benefit themselves and the Deep State.

Google just took one step heading into 2024, which should raise red flags for all of us.

They won’t hold anything back in 2024

We have all heard it before that ‘this election is the most important election of our lifetime.’

And if you are rolling your eyes after reading this line, you have every right to, as politicians have been claiming this as long as there have been elections.

But when you think about it, if you are a concerned American worried about what is happening to our nation, if the right person doesn’t win this election, there will probably be no turning back our nation to the greatness it once had.

And this is something people from all sides of the political spectrum are seeing about 2024.

If Democrats can secure another victory in the White House and Congress this November, they have this nation in the palm of their hands and can do anything they want for decades to come (if the United States lasts that long).

So, what is stopping Democrats from using every mechanism they have at their disposal to make sure they win the 2024 election?

Well, the number one tool in persuading the public, especially for elections, is to control what information they receive and are allowed to express.

We saw this firsthand back in 2020 and 2021.

During the 2020 election, stories were hitting the Internet about how Hunter Biden was laundering money from world oligarchs and some of our biggest rivals to enrich himself and his family.

Everyone from media executives to high-ranking officials in the intelligence community was doing everything they could to discredit this story and claim that it was fake news.

And in the final days of the election, it got to the point where social media outlets were removing people from their platforms who were sharing the stories about Hunter and his laptop filled with incriminating evidence.

Well, come to find out, it was all true, as we are seeing today with stories that even the media can’t ignore.

And the same level of censorship took place during COVID, with people questioning the origins of the virus and the efficacy of the jab.

Well, now Google is laying the groundwork to take the level of censorship and silencing to a totally new level in 2024.

Google’s Preps for 2024 “Sensitive Event”

It’s one thing to keep someone from posting something on Facebook, but it’s extremely worse when someone is barred from searching the web or even being on the Internet.

According to new user terms coming out from Google next month, they will have the exclusive power to limit what people say and see online if they declare an event a “Sensitive Event.”

Advertisers for Google received an email last week explaining the terms change as it claimed:

In February 2024, Google will update the Inappropriate content policy to clarify the definition of Sensitive Events.

A “Sensitive Event” is an unforeseen event or development that significantly risks Google’s ability to provide high-quality, relevant information, and ground truth and reduce insensitive or exploitative content in prominent and monetized features. During a Sensitive Event, we may take a variety of actions to address these risks.

The email continued by stating Google will have the right to prohibit:

Products or services that exploit, dismiss, or condone the Sensitive Event, including price gouging or artificially inflating prices that prohibits/restricts access to vital supplies; sale of products or services which may be insufficient for the demand during a sensitive event.

Using keywords related to a sensitive event to attempt to drive additional traffic.

Claims that victims of a sensitive event were responsible for their own tragedy or similar instances of victim blaming; claims that victims of a sensitive event are not deserving of remedy or support; claims that victims from certain countries were responsible or deserving of a global public health crisis.

People need to realize that 2024 is very likely going to be a horrible year for conservatism with the level of attacks and censorship Americans are going to endure as we get closer to November.

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