Harrison Ford stunned fans into silence after revealing what shockingly happened to him during a colonoscopy

Mar 25, 2024

Getting a colonoscopy is one of the most life-altering events a man will face in his lifetime.

But Harrison Ford got a bigger surprise than most when he got his most recent procedure.

And Harrison Ford stunned fans into silence after revealing what shockingly happened to him during a colonoscopy.

The milestones of life suck as you get older

When you think about life, you realize it’s all about getting to milestones.

You are always working towards your next goal in life.

From graduating to getting a job to getting married to having kids to retiring, these are events we all want to face and will base our lives on when and how we get there.

But even though we may not all hit these milestones in life, there are some that will happen to you no matter what if you live long enough.

If you are a guy, you are guaranteed to face a few things in life.

When you hit 50, not only do you get to face taxes, death, but now you also get a colonoscopy.

Sometimes taxes and death seem better than this procedure.

The whole process begins with choking down some horrible tasting laxatives, followed by a long night on the toilet.

When it’s time for the exam, they drug you up to the point you don’t really know what’s going on.

And then for the grand finale, the doctors start to shove stuff up your rectum.

Unless you are a man with the same proclivities as a certain longtime Senator from South Carolina, this isn’t an experience you are really looking forward to.

But Harrison Ford just revealed a story about what happened to him at a recent colonoscopy that will leave you speechless.

Nothing like a theme song for a colonoscopy

Harrison Ford has had a very prolific acting career but he is best known for his role as Indiana Jones.

And with Harrison Ford being 81-years-old, it’s safe to say that the man has probably had a few things shoved up his rectum in a colonoscopy.

But a recent colonoscopy wasn’t like any other one he has ever had.

Needless to say, his doctor used this one in a lifetime experience to look in Indiana Jones’ rectum to the max and made the most out of the situation.

Harrison told Variety that he recently had a colonoscopy where the doctors were playing the famous theme song to “The Raiders March” which was composed by renowned composer, John Williams.

As he told Variety, “As I often remind John, his music follows me everywhere I go — literally. When I had my last colonoscopy, they were playing it on the operating room speakers.”

Can you imagine what was going through Harrison Ford’s doped-up head when he was having his rectum examined with the famous Indiana Jones song playing in the background.

That’s enough to ruin the famous song for you.

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