Hilary Swank tells a true story that will challenge you to find real purpose in your life

Feb 28, 2024

Most of woke Hollywood seems hell-bent on pushing their utopian vision on you. 

But every now and then a movie comes out that inspires the audience to reach higher and after the last few years, America needs more inspiration.

Now Hilary Swank is back in theaters with Ordinary Angels, a true story that could inspire audiences to seek out purpose in their lives. 

Woke or Watch review of Ordinary Angels

The focus of life for many in the United States seems to be the achievement of happiness. 

However, happiness is fleeting and often self-serving. 

Because of this, far too many Americans are left feeling empty. 

And too many of those people fill the emptiness by self-medicating, be it alcohol, drugs, pornography, casual sex or other harmful or illicit behavior. 

Ordinary Angels follows the true-life story of one in Louisville, Kentucky who fixed her own life when she dedicated herself to helping another. 

Hillary Swank plays Sharon Stevens, a hairdresser struggling with an addiction to the bottle. 

Her drinking has destroyed all her relationships, including driving a wedge between her and her son. 

Then, one day she sees a story in the newspaper about a man facing struggles of his own. 

But unlike Sharon, Ed Schmitt’s – played by Amazon Prime’s Reacher star Alan Ritchson – problems are not of his own making. 

In the film, it’s 1993 and Ed’s wife has just passed, and his five-year-old daughter Michelle’s days seem numbered as she battles a life-threatening sickness. 

Meanwhile, Ed has hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills and debt – and the costs just keep piling up as Michelle’s condition worsens.  

The movie follows Ed’s struggle to keep his family together and Sharon’s newfound dedication to something bigger than herself – saving Michelle. 

In the process of finding purpose, Sharon betters her own life. 

It’s not overnight, it’s not easy and it’s not without hurdles – but the moral of the story is that a purpose-driven life dedicated to fulfillment and serving others trumps self-gratifying happiness seeking and self-medication. 

Is Ordinary Angels woke?

The message of Ordinary Angels is anything but woke. 

Leftists have tried – and largely been successful at – removing all judgment from the world. 

“If it feels good, do it,” is the modus operandi of the American Left. 

This has proven to be a nightmare for individuals and society as a whole. 

Ordinary Angels rejects that notion outright and suggest and alternative path, one of purpose, sacrifice and God. 

Unfortunately, even the studio that brought you Jesus Revolution couldn’t keep all of the woke out of the movie. 

There are two very small and subtle moments where the feminist narrative sneaks in. 

At one point Sharron is doing both of the daughters’ makeup.

She explains to the girls that makeup is to make themselves feel good and not to please a man. 

Of course, the entire point of makeup is to simulate the “glow of sex,” and accentuate the traits associated with sexual desire – making that line complete feminist propaganda. 

Later, Sharron is reading Michelle a story when she quickly gender swaps the main character to be a girl instead of a boy. 

However, your Woke or Watch team has trained eyes and ears to catch the smallest of woke infractions, so we can best serve you, our loyal readers.  

You can rest assured knowing that Ordinary Angeles is almost woke-free

But is Ordinary Angels worth a watch?

Not only does Ordinary Angels feature a message every American needs to receive, and not only is the movie mostly free of woke propaganda – but it’s also an excellent film. 

Swank delivers yet another in a long list of her stellar performances. 

If the Academy weren’t such a joke that now awards so-called “social justice” as opposed to truly great performances, Swank would be in line for a Best Actress nomination. 

And she wasn’t the only actor on the set that delivered. 

Ritchson’s performance throughout the movie will give audiences a strong case of the feels, as will the daughters and their grandma – played by Nancy Travis, who spent the past decade in the role of Tim Allen’s wife on Last Man Standing. 

Beyond the acting, the writing is tremendous. 

The story of Ordinary Angels takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster that tugs at the heart strings, and will have you yelling at the screen at points, clearing your throat at others, and actively rooting for the characters on the screen on multiple occasions. 

Woke or Watch rates Ordinary Angels not only as worth a watch, but as a must-watch. 

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